M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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The 25-key works well with Ableton Live on my Mac, after I figured out how to map the knobs to parameters.

I picked this up at an earlier woot-off…

Bad to worse.

This doesn’t appear to be a BOC. I think there has been a mistake.

I can’t believe we sold out of those cards so fast. Must be an aftermarket in India or something.

Have we finally found a high note in today’s woot-off?

Awesome, I think this thing has a PCMCIA slot. It all makes sense now!

just now noticed the wootoff… What goodness have I missed so far?

O.o, I should get one for my kitty and make my own keyboard cat.

Really, Woot? A 25 key and 49 key for the same price? What a ripoff. I’ll take the 49-key…

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Already have a real piano that doesn’t get used. Probably don’t need a fake one.

So the trade-off is either a full keyboard or more effects/controls, right?

Order both and have 74 keys! Order thee of each and have 222 keys!

Now see, I was tempted to get the 25 key because it has a proper MIDI port and I could use it to play RockBand 3.

how many of these does woot have looks like quite a bit has bought it yet moved 10% geez

A Ethernet network card, and a Woot buying guide. You haven’t missed much.

You missed some BAYOU DIRT.

Oh you know, stuff. Or check the blog. :slight_smile: