M-Audio Session Music Creation Software w/USB Dongle

Does this work with a mac?

Didn’t this software come with the Woot a few weeks ago with the M-Audio Microphone, keyboard, and whatever the 3rd thing was?

Be aware that your video card needs to support the version of Direct X that is listed in the requirements. You can’t just download the Direct X version and expect it to work.

Got this with an M-Audio keyboard a while back.

Right now I use a MOTU Ultralite mk3 for an interface, which has all the bells and whistles you’d ever need for a bedroom studio.

That said - the little tiny thing for 20 bucks is awesome. It has full ASIO support, so itl automatically be better than your crappy onboard right off the bat. Sound quality is excellent for what you get. Drivers are alright, not pro quality, but alright.

Worth it - if you lack a sound card, yea. Good for laptops, id imagine.

The hardware dongle/USB sound card will, but the software won’t work on a Mac

If I got this, I would call my self DJ Woot. Wohoo

here’s a pdf startup guide for the software.

this is from the startup guide:

Running GarageBand on your Mac?
Mac users can use the Producer USB with many 3rd-party audio applications available for the
Mac. See the documentation for your application for more information on system requirements
and compatibility.
Mac OS†
• G3 500 / G4 500 MHz‡
• Mac OS X 10.3.9 w/ 256 MB RAM
• Mac OS X 10.4.9 w/ 512 MB RAM
†Native USB port required; G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported
‡CPU speed requirements may be higher for laptops
Please check the minimum system requirements for any third-party software applications to be used with
your new M-Audio hardware, as they may be greater than above.

it also includes the necessary drivers to run the usb connector.

I couldn’t agree more, I bought a high end Sony z-series laptop. 4GB Ram, 9600 processor, Blue ray, all the bells and whistles. Went to record some tunes with my keyboard and there was a significant delay between when I played and when I heard the notes. With this USB sound card there’s absolutely no lag.

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” means “the more things change, the more they stay the same”

Would this be a decent device to use to rip music from cassette tapes?

I have a bunch of tapes from my old band I want to get over to the computer. Most are one of a kind tapes, so want to get them ripped before the tapes get any older (some are 25+ years old!)



y’know, if you just sorta look at the picture without focusing too sharply - like, if you’re tired and really outta be in bed, maybe - anyway, if you try it, it kinda looks like an abstract dj image, you know, a tonearm and a disc…

oh, never mind, i’m going to bed.

Mostly good reviews over at Amazon. It’s also $49.99 there…

In for one!

I’m a sucker for anything manufactured by M-Audio, the USB sound card will be nice, but I’m really in it for the Session software ($50 everywhere else)

Now Woot needs to start selling Torq Xponents and I’ll be set!

What the heck is a dongle?

Ok where do I plug in my guitar?

is this software any better or as versatile as, say, Audacity? I’ve been wanting to try some mashups and im curious if this is any better.

so how much would just the usb dongle cost? i ask because both of my brothers are musicians and could use something like this. but they already own fruity loops, soundforge, something with a chili pepper icon, etc… is the software any different from these other recording programs? or is the usb alone a good enough deal for this woot?



In for one! I hope this solves my latency problems with my Korg controller and Sibelius 5. For some reason I got TONS more lag with Sibelius 5 than I did with 3 (skipped ver 4, not worth the money)