M-Audio Studiophile Speakers

Great reviews on Amazon. I like a longer warranty on speakers though, especially refurbs

woot acting weird for anyone else?

Dang, I wanted that Ninja. But it wouldn’t finish processing.

It was like the BOC processing page of death. :frowning:

Hey, that looks like a decent $30.00 pair of speakers! In for none. :frowning:

I like the way these sound, don’t need em, but at least I am more interested than I have been.

I have a pair of these. In fact I’m listening to them right now. They are great. Clean bass, crisp highs. Great price too.


These are refurbs?

These are new

for $79.99

I would like a wireless speaker system please.

is that the “Speaker of the House” …lol

Solid speakers.

I’m listening to music on my pair right now… Beautiful quality sound, very directional (good to not disturb co-workers), and nicely shielded from GSM noise and other interference.

Highly recommended by me.


I would like some nice Ear buds please.

230 new? Wow. Nice deal, Woot! Somebody buy some. kthxbai

Different model. These are the AV-40.

Whens the bag of crap?

Oh you…

wags finger

that happened a while back with the Sansa travel set.

Shipping is like $13-$20. Better deal for some depending on location.

Buy these. They work.