M-Audio Studiophile Speakers

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M-Audio Studiophile Speakers
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Awesome for “real-world” mixing comparison. I use them with my flat panel tv too.

Buy buy buy! I got these right after the last woot-off, and they sound great. They’re a little bit on the big side, but they are worth it it you can make room for them. Definitely better than dropping 250 on the big B’s.


130.04 new at amazon, pretty good price for a refurb I would say.

These are better than Logitech speakers or other multimedia speakers at comparable prices, but not really worth being referred to as “studio” anything. If you’re mixing on these, you’re mixing as through a glass darkly. Uh, through a speaker. Darkly.

I have a pair on my Premiere edit system, great for video applications. In for a second pair at this price.

I’ve still got a problem calling a four inch driver a “woofer”. There was a time when an eight inch driver was a compromise and only acceptable if you didn’t have the room for real speakers.

I got them a while back…Very good speakers for the price

That’s probably fair, but “4 inch driver in a ported design which won’t eliminate the need for a sub but will do in a pinch for many applications” seems like it wouldn’t get past the marketing team.

Dang, I wanted these.

Hope these repost, or at least the av30’s

Woot staff, please bring these back! I was looking for them in the wootoff but missed my chance.

I have a small, cheap shelf receiver hooked up to them and they still sound great! I love these speakers already.