M-Audio Studiophile Speakers

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M-Audio Studiophile Speakers
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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These make great doorstops and paperweights.

“ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters”

I need to get my mind out of the gutter(s)

Would be nice if I didn’t have some M-Audio BX5a’s in the house already. M-Audio makes some good home audio recording speakers

Got these a Woot or two back, and gotta say they’re faaaaaaaaaaabulous as computer speakers. Studiophile? Dunno, but to these uneducated ears, very nice for the money.

I got these a few months ago from woot and I love them.

friend has some of these.

they’re not the best monitors, they do lack in the low end, in my opinion. I’d go with different monitors if you’re doing anything too serious, but the price here isn’t too bad. Much better than stock speakers, obviously

Don’t like refurbs?

New M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Professional Reference Speakers is for the same price here.

I own a set of these speakers! Three years later they still work, and sound great!

four inch woofers? that’s smaller than the centers of my 15 inch woofers…
I think that’s the same size as the tweeter…

Wow … despite having posted 2902 times, I’ve never had the FIRST post on an item! Hooray.

… and despite posting 2902 times, I’ve never won a Bag-of-c.rap…

These things sound good. Picking up a second set for a friend…

In for 1

You don’t like a product that saves you a substantial amount of cash, and is tested more thoroughly than outgoing new products before its shipped?

refurbs go thru more testing than new items most of the time. New items are usually a random quality check. Refurbished items on the other hand are all checked to make sure they meet standards before being sent back out.

Don’t you need an amplifier to drive these? Your computer sends out a strong enough signal to drive these babies? Wow.

In for one…

truth! these here suckers, well, suck.

Hmmm… I have the AV30s already. Maybe I could get these and move the 30s over to my Apple computah.