M-Audio Studiophile Speakers

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M-Audio Studiophile Speakers
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I picked these up a few Woot Off’s ago. Love. Buy.

never knew there was a word called studiophile

Good night woot? PleasE???

seems to have hit a lack of interest here.

3 left in stock.

Bought these on woot before. I forget the price, but probably about the same as here. Not very impressive. Ended up buying the more powerful biamp model for not much more. Difference is day and night.

Yeah i don’t know about M Audio i am a big fan of PorkAudio myself

Wooden cabinets, really? These look like plastic but specifically state they are not. What is it – plastic coated wood?

Plastic. I use them for my computer. The bass is huge. You can hear them throughout the entire house.

The description says:

Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, AV 40s use technology that’s trusted by top musicians, engineers, and composers:

Cabinet: vinyl-laminated MDF

Vinyl != plastic? That’s a stretch

I wasn’t here for this one, or I’d have ordered a pair as a gift.

I’ve had the '40’s for years and they are solid workhorses. I’d planned to use them simply as computer speakers, but have ended up using them often to play music in other parts of the house when we’ve got company, etc.

They break in slowly, but have improved with each passing year. They are extremely “listenable” and really have very little “character” of their own - they just play the music.

I’ve loved them. Other speaker models in the M-Audio line haven’t been as successful for us - but the '40’s are sweet as can be. We’ve “recruited” a lot of musicians and friends who are equally enthusiastic. Great bang for small bucks.

So watch for them to come up again.

(Oh, and no, they’re not plastic. There’s a thin vinyl covering over very solidly constructed medium density fiberboard (wood) … completely different acoustic qualities from the plastics and composites of most “computer speakers” … )