M-Audio Torq Mixlab


No! No more terrible home DJs!

Wow, really?

Might be a good time to catch some Z’s.

ill be here all morning to post whore it up :slight_smile:

I’m quite sure I don’t need this. But I hope that you do, gentle reader.

Will this work with my zune? No, really.

My girlfriend’s dad gave me one of these. Pretty easy to use. The software is pretty simple, just not packed with features

Woot is boring me, i might stay for 1 more item.

Update the description from when this appeared before!

Yes, really

well good night, this one will take some time

They really need to edit these descriptions when they do a Woot-Off.


Why would I want to crossfade between “Pure Energy” by Information Society and Nick Cave’s “red Right Hand”?

Oh I really hope this goes fast…


I have the guitar/voice input and software and love it.