M&M'S Milk Chocolate Party Size Bag

M&M'S Milk Chocolate Party Size Bag

" Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty"
… No Square Trade?

We tried but they were worried about people eating the evidence.

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skipping this deal… the ones I want keep selling out… I’m sad and want peanut or almond… gone, added peanut butter to cart, then they’re gone right after. I give up.

Yeah, they’re selling crazy fast. Apparently a lot of wooters need their chocolate fix.

you sly dogs, you! you put more almond on the site!!! You’re the best!


I didn’t know M&Ms are dietary supplements! I mean, why else would the standard disclaimer be included is in the listing?

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements

So… are we not supposed to mention the party bag 2-pack costs more than simply buying 2 single bags individually? I can’t believe no one mentioned it by now, the day is half over.

(Didn’t mean that to be a reply to someone. Still not used to this newer forum setup.)

so did you buy two single packages?

it never makes sense to me when a product, packaged as two, is cheaper than two singles of the same thing. Reason being, most times the multi-pack contains additional packaging (like a cardboard container, bag, or adhesive) that adds additional cost to the multi-pack. make sense? not to me either… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ meh… whatever! haha

enjoy your $0.45 additional hidden savings!

you broke my arm, Woot!!!


cheater! haha how’d you do that? I erased the ‘other’ slash and retyped it, thanks to skills from 8th grade!, without luck :neutral_face:

By the first reverse slash, use 3 of them.

CAREFUL! I don’t think these are peanut M&Ms despite the yellow box and peanut character on the front.

There are no Raspberry or Coconut m&m’s. Did I miss them or are you false advertising this as all m&m’s. I go with the second. As Trump would like to say, “Fake Woot”. FYI, I think I am going to copyright that. LOL.

so did you buy two single packages?

Indeed I did.

And the reason for a multi-pack to be cheaper is usually as an incentive to purchase more item. The going rate is pretty much never 100% related to the manufacturing cost of anything.

Who said anything about those peanut butter?

Did I miss something?

I nearly bought, but realized they just normal minis

that’s why I never buy anything! except M&M’s… in extra large quantities.