M&M'S Peanut Christmas Candy 11 oz, 6pk

M&M'S Peanut Christmas Candy 11 oz, 6pk

It’s only 28 cents savings so not a great deal to me!

is this LAST year’s candy (left over) or THIS year’s candy?

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Yes, I think so. We flipped these from Amazon so not sure but they don’t keep/ship expired goods.

Will Woot/Amazon ship these in a way that helps prevent melting? As I live in the southwest, normal daily temps in mid/late July are anywhere from 105s to almost over 110s, and in 90s at night. Thx!

Probably not from what I’ve been told but they melt in their shell, right?

M&Ms melt in the box, not in your hands.


lol best before 07/2019

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You have 7 days. Get to eating.

Or contact woot support.