M3D Micro 3D Printers w/5 Spools of Filament

This is a $55 savings over purchasing the standard model and 5 reels from the manufacturer. Plus this offers a 1 year warranty over the standard 3 months.

I have one I purchased last September. It’s a decent little printer for what it does. There’s a learning curve, and don’t expect fault-free printing.

Kickstarter backer here. It’s a 3d printer with a bit of a learning curve. Especially if you want to use bigger rolls of filament.

That said using just M3d’s spools and strictly using it as designed, the hookups are minimized. A great cheap printer to learn about possible shortcomings in more advanced models or if you decide to eventually build your own.

Just be mindful of the buildtak and leveling.

It comes with 5 spools of… which, ABS or PLA?

Per the vendor, PLA.

Kickstarter backer here too, plus own 2 other printers. Like the others say, be mindful of using BuildTek on the print surface. I’ve used blue tape ok also. It’s a slower printing unit with decent print resolution.

Look up the prints for the spool holder, lets you use your smaller supply spools by hanging off the edge of printer instead of placing in the tray under print bed.

This is a great printer to learn about 3D printing. It is not a turnkey device as it was originally described but I bought into the KS cognizant of this possibility and had my expectations met accordingly. That said, the first thing you’re going to want to do is 3D print a proper filament holder. The community is pretty active but be prepared for alot of posts asking why stuff isn’t working the way we were all promised back when the KS campaign was happening.

KS backer here, too. I’ve been happy with it. Had some initial trouble getting it to work with my computers, since I’m in the Apple universe, but it’s working well now. It can take 7 - 8 hours to print something simple on at the highest resolution, so be prepared to drop your resolution or set it up to print overnight. It is an entry level device, but at 1/4th to 1/5th of what others cost, so it is worth it.

thinking of getting one does software come with?

The software is d/l from their site. Instructions will come with it.

Mac users will have a bit of work to install the software. The M3D software requires an open source framework call Mono. To install Mono properly requires that you disable System Integrity Protection.

Fortunately M3D users have provided the solution:
The latest version of the Mac does not allow root to write to /usr/bin. (Only programs that have been signed with an Apple certificate are allowed to do so.) This “feature” of El Capitan is called “System Integrity Protection”. If you really want to make this link work, you’ll need to read up on how to disable SIP, Run the command, and then re-enable SIP. Note that multiple reboots will be required to do this.

One web site that has details on disabling SIP is http://lifehacker.com/how-to-fix-os-x-el-capitans-annoyances-1733836821

Elmers purple stick glue also works well for me with PLA.

Or never update to El Capitan! I had so many issues with my desktop at work, that we had to knock me back to Mountain Lion so I could run everything I needed to run properly.

Estimated delivery Jan 12th, 2016!?

Why is this taking so long? We’re talking almost 4 weeks from ordering.

Holidays throw a crimp in shipping. Our estimates are conservative so it could get there earlier.