M3D Micro 3D Printers w/5 Spools of Filament

Bought one in December, had good results for about 3 weeks. 12 year old son tried to print a large volume item (downloaded from Thingiverse), and the printer drove the print head into the support stage. It acted as if the software somehow inverted the object. The computer is a 2 month old HP with an i7 and 32 gB of memory–it should be able to handle this type of software. Updated the software in April, tried to print a sphere (model of the planet Mars,a gain downloaded from Thingiverse), and the printer drove the print head through the support stage again. We have reset the machine, updated the software, and things are not right. Originally very satisfied, but after spending $50 for the maintenance kit (spare parts) and having the new software repeat the same mistakes, now disappointed. Your experience may be different.

Thanks for the real world experience view on this. I have a 3D printer that I built from a Kickstarter campaign over a year ago. It’s pretty finicky, so I was thinking of picking up a commercial unit for my son to work with. I’m just not sure that the commercial units aren’t the same temperament as the kits. I’m sure my son would be interested and think that it’s cool, but I wouldn’t really trust for him to know what needs adjusted, replaced, or when something “just isn’t right”. And with something that has a print head around 200+ degrees Celsius, I worry.

I work for an Architect and if I we’re to convince him to start using one of your products so we can create 3D Buildings to impress clients. I would like to hear back from you guys to hear your thoughts are on my idea…
Thanks, Mickey

Hey Mickey,

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’d like to hear back from us. Feel free to send me a private message to clarify. In the meantime, please be advised that this is a public forum and you shouldn’t post your personal email address here. I’ve edited your previous post to help you out.


I have one from kickstarter since march 2015. Software wasn’t quite ready for prime time and it lost it’s ability to find home and center when it started a print. Received replacement from m3d and it has been working great. The software updates have improved its performance. I use buildtak and I’ve found that the pla temp needs to be 240-245 for best results. That is a bit higher than the normal range of 205-220 for pla but it works for my prints just fine. Have not yet tried ABS.
I have used hatchbox pla and tritechnox pla from amazon with good results.

I have one of these from Kickstarter and it’s been a great little entry-level printer. Took them a few months to work out the software for Mac, but once it was properly loaded and set up, it’s worked great since. I would not recommend it for professional uses or for anyone who needs high res pieces printed quickly. It can take hours to print a piece at higher resolutions.