M3D Micro 3D Printers w/5 Spools of Filament

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M3D Micro 3D Printers w/5 Spools of Filament
Price: $199.99
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Condition: New


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That’s it Woot… keep putting 3D printers in front of me. Nice try, but I already got one :tongue: I just got my very first ever 3D printer - a Tevo Tarantula - back in February, but if I hadn’t, you could sell me any 3D printer you wanted to! Well, maybe not ANY printer… but I trust you Woot :slight_smile:

Those are some stunningly poor reviews.

Wait a minute… I paid about $225 for my Tarantula with a 200x200x200 build area INCLUDING control electronics. So this printer, that cost more than mine MSRP and right at the cost of mine here not only has a smaller build area, but it doesn’t even have it’s own control electronics?! You have to supply a computer to run a proprietary controller software package!?

I take it back Woot… I don’t trust you any more :tongue:

I’ve been asked to help someone that bought this specific model get setup with printing- it’s like the manufacturer took all the features of successful models (reprap, prusa clones) and threw them away.
Then they doubled down on the poor implementation of proprietary software. The only positive I have is that you can use generic filament- if you wind it on the minispools this thing uses.

Cannot recommend, even if it was half this price.

I’m confused why the m3d website says retail is 299, but woot is claiming 499 and then marking it off.

199 is still a deal, but it isn’t 60% off…

Scuttlebutt I have heard on these is that they are very quiet, but painfully slow. I almost got one though.

Bought this model about 1.5 years ago to see what all the hype was about 3-d printing.

This model did nothing to help me understand the hype. I didn’t find the setup terribly difficult, but the build area is small, which really limits what you can make to small trinkets. Unless of course you really understand design (and don’t pretend to on TV), in which case you might be able to make some actually useful trinkets.

The biggest issue, aside from the really slow build time that results if you want the model to turn out nice, is the already mentioned proprietary software. It is a PITA to use, not at all intuitive, and very undocumented.

With the proprietary software, small build area, slow print, poor documentation, and other options out there that are better at this price point, this thing doesn’t have the user base to overcome these issue. To add insult to injury, support is also lacking.

I made a few builds, but after a couple months, the printer was relegated as a place to hang some very small clothes.

If you are looking for a 3d printer in this size and price range that is ready to go out of the box, I recommend the Monoprice Select Mini. It requires no assembly out of the box and has a fantastic group on Facebook that can answer any questions you might have. I’ve had one for about 8 months now and still use it almost daily.

Daily!? what for?

I bought one of these for the children when woot had them just before Christmas two years ago. Short version: looks nice, got a few good prints out of it, then a software update caused up to be down, and down to be up. The print head melted through 3 base plates despite software updates, troubleshooting, attempts to contact customer service, etc. (three strikes and you’re out).

I really like the design, but the “under the base plate filament storage” never worked for us, the prints were just OK, and my children got frustrated by the glitches.

And it was slow.

Maybe the new version will be better, but this appears to be the old version.

I think they recently marked down on the M3D site. I saw it used to be $499

Go look at the Monoprice mini delta. It’s $159, and about 100x better than this. It’s currently sold out though, but I believe worth the wait.

This is truly a great discussion. Thanks, gang!

Thanks for the info!

A few years ago I preordered a Tiko delta style printer, but they weren’t able to ship the product.

I’ve had one of these for almost 2 years. The software has gotten much better and I’m able to get reliable prints with decent quality. There are 1000’s of 3D models on thingiverse.

It’s not for the entry level consumer who doesn’t want to bother with settings and troubleshooting.

M3D is releasing a M3D micro plus with improved electronics and optional heated bed.

I purchased one directly through the M3D website about a year and a half ago.

My experience is the print area is small and takes a very long time to print. I have had trouble with the printer head orientation that has caused problems with it digging into the base plate much like described by another Wooter above.

My recommendation is to spend a little more for another product if you want to try out 3D printing.

Generally speaking all 3d printers have a learning curve, and when it goes from the prepackaged models to diy it starts getting steep fast. Designing models, plus knowing which settings to tweak for which material and materials failure.

I’ve used makerbots(expensive crap) printrbot(pretty decent for the price point) knockoffs (always a rabbit hole of fixing and tweaking things… usually involving at least an extra 50-100 dollars of parts) and a legit prusa mk2… nothing but good to say about the prusa but even it took me about three days to dial in my slicer perfectly, then another day when I changed materials.

They are all projects in and of them selves is my point. Just a matter of how much of one you want.

I want to thank Woot for the inspiration and the commenters for the recommendation. I just bought a MonoPrice Select Mini 3D: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15365

On sale. Free shipping!