Mac Motion Recliners & Ottomans

Does anyone have reviews of this chair & manufacturer?

Why are these not murder weapons. It’s proven that sitting on your ass kills…

I was looking at Stressless chairs this weekend. Anyone know how these compare?

Do these look as comfortable as a Stressless Chair? If true, the good option is it’s ‘Top Grain Leather’. If we were to purchase it we would use them as computer chairs.

Okay Woot, which color is which? Sand and putty could be easily confused. Help me out which one is the lighter color of the 3?

Think I figured out the colors. Using Mac Motion’s website putty is the lightest, sand is the mid tone and well the dark on is pretty obvious.

Does anyone have one of these, how do they compare quality wise to a Stressless.

We purchased a chair same style as Oslo in darker tan leather about 15 yrs ago. I don’t recall who the manufacturer is. The chair is still in great shape. The frame is very heavy, well built and the leather is unblemished. However, this particular chair is sized for larger persons. So, only our larger sons and other visitors use it.

About 10 yrs ago our local “Danish” style furniture store started carrying Ekornes Stressless and we purchased two chairs “medium” size and a couch. These chairs are by far our favorites and there is no sagging anywhere on the couch. The leather is luxurious and the chairs fit our bodies like a glove.

With Ekornes Stressless chairs not only you can usually chose the size,you can also select the quality of the leather as well as the matching wood. Also, they have matching wood bases that will raise the height of the chairs by several inches, making them easier to fit your height.

Oh, I forgot to mention, about three years ago I purchased a Stressless chair for my home desk. This is the best and most expensive of all the chairs we have in the house.

I am retired and usually watch sports on my
27" iMac at the same time I am on the Internet. It’s very easy to fall asleep on this chair as the Texas Rangers have become a very boring team to watch.

BTW-We are not fans of ultra-soft ultra deeply cushioned chairs. Stressless chairs, like most Danish/Norwegian chairs are very supporting at right places. The couch is not soft, unlike American leather couches. However we find it more comfortable for long time sitting than our relatives ultra soft, ultra large living room furniture and don’t have problems trying to get out of the soft deep holes on their American made leather furnitures.

My advise, find a good dealer and try them all, including size, quality of leather and yes, matching wood color. We simply love our Ekornes Flexess furniture!

By your thinking, I would’ve been dead many years ago. Perhaps it’s the red wine that keeps me alive and well. Another 6 months and I “might” celebrate my 80’s, unless my Ekornes Stressless chairs conspire and gang-up on me.

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