MacGregor Bobby Grace V-foil MOI M5K Putter

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

MacGregor Bobby Grace V-foil MOI M5K Putter
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 MacGregor Bobby Grace V-foil MOI M5K Putter

I have one of these and don’t like it

Golfer pros’ compare prices …
SecretPrices … $199 (before shipping) / $80 (preowned)
Froogle … $199

it’s not a lefty putter:(

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last time woot wooted a putter, i heard rumblings of possible bluetooth capabilities… anything like that on this baby? hehe… anyways, the comparison sites have some pretty similar prices on this putter and some other Bobby Grace styles (they have heavier Bobby Grace ones and different shape Bobby Grace ones as well), but woots got them all beat. Take it if you need it.

I gave up Golf, The Windmill always messed killed my score!

still wondering why people like this even post just to make an assinine out of themselves?

no lefty items?!?!?!??!
i do golf and would buy golf items but since im not right handed then this does not help me! my buddy has this putter and does like it alot tho.

I would imagine that this would be only for right handed golfers?

Also the podcast was subpar (no golf pun intended).

I have a slightly diffrent version of this putter with a diffrent shaft. I love it and would recommend it highly. If you are a golfer and are not happy with your putter, This is a great buy! (10x the puter that my ping G5i was) Nice woot, where were you 3 months ago it would have saved me 100 bucks!

Nice Idea…a Putter with built in Juice Box holders…to refresh yourself after successfully sinking the putt after 9 tries from 2 feet out.

That is one weird looking putter. I’m not a golfer at all but can you pull that out of your bag and not get laughed off the course?

One…Click on the picture, it’s even weirder looking upside down…
Two…First Woot Podcast that was terrible.
Three…I went camping for a few days, checked up on what I missed on Woot…Nothing.
Four…Am I going to have to wait for a Woot Off to get anything interesting??

different appearance, probably a later iteration?
hard to be sure.

i need a putter to go with my Tommy Armours. (see below…)

It was late for me, I refreshed several times after it turned 1am, prolly 30 or more seconds…

Seems to be better deals on Ebay.

what the hell is that thing? It looks like the ass end of a Vogon destroyer.

I am not a golfer but if I was then I sure wouldn’t want to be seen on the green with this ugly tool. In fact I wouldn’t even want to be seen with it on the mini-putt course. Bad woot tonight + no woot-off = good night to say goodnight at midnight.

Yeah, for pre-sweated and thrown in the lake versions. They’re all used.

what the hell is a vogon destroyer??