MacRostie 2006 Carneros Pinot Noir - 3 Pack

MacRostie 2006 Carneros Pinot Noir - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 MacRostie 2006 Carneros Pinot Noir
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Grape comp percentage?

Doesn’t ship to Connecticut anyway but if it did I’m not sure I’d be up for $20 a bottle for this Pinot Noir, seems a little bit steep.

$20 for a well-made, non-mass produced pinot (not that this or isn’t either of those things) is not steep at all. Pinot, even considering the spike post-Sideways is a delicate grape that can be difficult to grow and hence, costs more than say Syrah which the market is beyond flooded with, IMO.

Can we get TA and pH numbers please? :happy:

Listened to the audio message and it says it’s ready for drinking now, but would this be better sitting for a year or more? What’s the drinking window and do you anticipate much improvement if I lay this down?

This looks interesting, does anyone have any recent thoughts on it?

Wine Enthusiast’s review of the '06 Carneros Pinot:

This wine is listed as a library collection and retails for $30/bottle.

They make a pretty outstanding Syrah never tried there Pinot??

coming clean, i made a posting mistake and should have been $54.99. changing shortly, and those who pulled the trigger will get a refund.

Sorry Mill.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I’m not sure what a regular sized run would be but it says the vintage produced 2,163 6 bottle cases which is 12,978 bottles (or for you math nerds 9734 liters or 2571 gallons).

The winemaker states they made 3,500 cases of this particular wine vintage, claiming that it is a moderate/light production.

Where do you read that? on the description it seems to say fewer than that.

Cesare needs to change his lead post as well… :wink:

Discrepancy between his quoted number and the number listed in the description.

Listen to the audio file at the top of this thread from the winemaker.

That brings the price down to $18.33 per bottle before shipping, or $21.66 after shipping

That’s down from $19.99 and 21.66 respectively before the discount

The difference between a little over 1,000 cases and 3,500 cases is substantial. Winery: which is it? Thanks.