MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Syrah Three-Pack Woot Info Post
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MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Syrah Three-Pack - $59.99 + $5 shipping

3 * 2005 Wild Cat Mountain Vineyard Syrah

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Wine Woot in June 2009


June labrat:!

Please no more Syrah woots. My wallet can’t take it!

Those lab rats make me wish this could be shipped to Kansas! Oh sad shipping laws.

MacRostie has had a superb reputation on WW. Good to see it here again. Just bought 2. Thanks WD.

I’m it the rats convinced me! Nice way to end a wootoff!


Thanks WD for breaking my creditcard!

Last wooter to woot: tytiger58


Indeed. A bit pricey, but the labRat reviews sounded promising. Another successful wootoff.!

A rough drinking window…

“This wine is perfectly drinkable now and most likely has a good ten years ahead of it.”

Doing all this research is forcing my purchase! In for one…

and I’ll still be in for three if I see Corison up here yet!! Do it WD!

I’ll still be in for three if I see Corison up here yet!! Do it WD!

If you do it WD I will have to take a second out on my house!


Are you certain it’s ending?

Lab Rats sound too darn good to pass out… Love a good Syrah, hope its good!

Ohhh god I hope so…no sleep a credit card in critical condition, looking to take a second on my house…well on the bright side I got me plenty of wine!


Good call. It ended indeed! Glad I jumped on the MacRostie for the hour it was up!

REALLY wish I woulda grabbed the Jocelyn Lonen now. I was holding out. Didn’t get any cab this woot off…

Yea! looks like a good buy!! good night all!

Guess so. :slight_smile:

Sad I missed this, a MacRostie syrah was my first wine.woot.

I missed it. )-:

What vintage was this offering?