MacVision 256MB MP3 Headphones

Sounds like another bad reality show.

everyone with a kid, or who knows a kid under 10 must buy these NOW! You just heard a great reason to buy these…do it!

Like anyone cares - these are a pos

This is great for children under 6

anybody planning on Bodog-ing it tonight?


psycho was a given

you go me


I don’t think I’d ever get tired of the funny pix that get posted during woot-offs. That’s the part of the woot-off I look most forward to, with the exception of the blinged out cabbage!

you got me

Actually you’ve named all the reasonsd that make wooting so charming for me. It’s a complete but compelling waste of time. After 18 months I still love the cat pictures and the first post of Stokke in a wootoff still stes my heart aflutter. So enjoy or stuff a sock in it! I’m enjoying myself. Now somebody please post me a NEW catoon!

Go home then, ya whiner!

wow. this thing is still here?

you know i’m just teasing!

Even if they did, you still wouldn’t buy it, would you?

Well said!

Just barely