MacVision 256MB MP3 Headphones

Does woot have a million of these to get rid of? or are these just merde?

Great, another user, joined in March and you only have bought TWO WOOTS? L-A-M-E.

the woot off phone tree must be broken. i just got here a few mins ago. i was out most of the day.

Il est merde

Actually, one of the reviewers suggested people just buy a QUALITY pair of headphones INSTEAD OF one of these all-in-one jobs. They didn’t say USE WITH.

Decent enough price-point if you just want a throw-away MP3 player for the kids (or if you don’t give a WOOT about audio quality).



im in for 2! great not having to deal with wires! Great christmas gift to!

isn’t it supposed to read… the lead singer OF Nine Inch Nails?

Aren’t they a division of Vector?

okay, you can quit yanking my chain now… :wink:

Actually, Nexstar is now a top-notch telescope company.

What about leakfrogs that hook up to your underwear… or depends? Got an old grandma or grandpa who forgets if they went…

ROFL…you couldn’t be more right!

Yoda speak …

i told my husband yesterday that it’s been six weeks since the last w00t-off so it was time for another one. i called it right.

So fresh, asking for a picture and my address…

Yes. Look up the item number in the bottom of the description. (Sorry if this was already covered.)

Sure hope woot works on my iphone… Gotta leave for a Titan’s game shortly.

Next item please