MacVision 256MB MP3 Headphones

Great gift for christmas—especially for my 8 y.o. sister—if she loses them, no big deal. Bought 2.

preparing dinner, am i. last longer, this item i hope will.

Uhm… maybe you’re thinking of Celestron, which makes the NexStar line of telescopes?

uh I am a geek and that sure isn’t my dream. Now if it were a guy …

Wasn’t asking for a commentary on how cool you think I am. But if buying things on woot is the only thing that makes me cool I guess I better catch up.


You mean they’re never going to offer the Sahara refurbished at half the price?

The Travelocity Traveling Gnome would be a great one too!

we don’t want this!!!

you’re psycho, er, psychic!

Oh, My - these would be a great way to embarrass my kids. Just the mere THREAT of wearing these in public would be enough for them to improve their grades, clean their rooms, and maybe even commit to join a convent… Just the kind of leverage every needs!

I’ve got an old am/fm radio/headphone set in a drawer from about 15 years ago (big antennae, bright yellow Sony, remember those?) that would also work…

Someone buy this crap already…

I just barfed. All over my keyboard. I swear.

yuk. I hate you.


Or a carpet muncher…

Sounds like another bad reality show.

everyone with a kid, or who knows a kid under 10 must buy these NOW! You just heard a great reason to buy these…do it!

Like anyone cares - these are a pos

This is great for children under 6