MacVision 256MB MP3 Headphones

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finally, it’s out.

Hmm. no, but I’m intrigued…

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I was going to get one and a customer walked in and bam five minutes later it was gone!

anyone get theirs today? having trouble getting it to work… heh.

Aye, got mine today and have been playing around with it. Surprise! It doesn’t come on. I’ve charged it for over half an hour, and it won’t play anything, even if it’s still plugged into the computer. File transfer works, but that’s about it.

I expected problems, and possibly even craptacular battery life, but I’m pretty disappointed (and annoyed) that it doesn’t even turn on. I might be sending this one back.

I got the same problem. I called the manufacture and they said they don’t offer any support. I did get them to play… but only while still connected to the computer. You have to “eject” the drive, the red light turns green, then you can play what’s on 'em.

Anyone else get theirs to work? I messed around with it for a couple hours last night, and couldn’t get it to do anything. The file transfer seemed to work, but that is about it. The instructions appear to be written by someone who doesn’t quite have mastery of the English language… Destined for the landfill, it would seem.

I got mine today, and have been having trouble with it…

I finally ejected it, and I got the green light

Just now, it turned from the green light, back to the red light.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve had mine plugged in for hours, waiting for the light to turn green. It did when I unplugged it.

I received mine today in the same condition as everyone else- it doesn’t charge and refuses to turn on when not connected to an external power source. My guess is the battery is some cheap knockoff.

Got mine today too. Mine doesn’t charge (I think it will charge if the light stays on) unless I hold the wire a certain way while it’s plugged in. As soon as I let go, the light goes out. NO way am I holding this for an hour charging it. I might try tape.
No use returning it.Both Woot and the manufacturer say I’d have to pay shipping. The thing only cost 10 bucks. plus 5 shipping to start with. I’ll probably just throw mine away.
Not a good woot.

If only my problems were limited to yours. Plugged mine in to the USB port on my hp pavillion while the pavillion was plugged into the wall. The computer shut down instantly as if it had blown a power supply. I’m not thrilled at having a $10 gimmick kill an $1100 computer loaded with a whole lot of crucial files. Unplugged the phones, still couldn’t start the hp. Ultimately I removed the batter and unplugged the hp, then plugged the power into the hp and at last the blue light on the front of the computer came on. Then I replaced the battery in the hp, booted it and I am using it to write this. Have plugged the phones into an adapter that plugs into the wall and has a female USB port. It didn’t throw any circuit breakers, fortunately, or send our region into a blackout. If I can get it to charge up, I may try it again. Wish I had a disposable computer (you may already believe the hp is eminently disposable, but I rather like mine). I would try doing some file transfers, if I can get the phones to start after charging. I feel that if it is capable of shutting down my computer, it’s just not a safe toy to play with. Has anyone else had such an extreme reaction?


Too many Woots to enumerate.

I’ll add myself to the no-go group.

Anyone get one which turns on when AWAY from the computer – seems like the point if you ask me.

I’ll holler at the manufacturer on Monday.


Mine actually works now that I figured out that just because the red light is on when it’s plugged in to the computer, doesn’t mean it’s not fully charged.

I thought the instructions said to push the “triangle” for play, but that didn’t work for me - I had to push the button in the middle, between the triangle (start) and square (stop). Didn’t realize the middle section itself was a button. I have to admit, I didn’t read the instructions very thoroughly, so maybe that’s in there.

Mine is working, but with some babying. Charged on the wall only by pulling the plug nearly all the way out, which made the red light come on. Let it charge for an hour. Loaded mp3 of a novel (“The Good Life” if you must know,) from my Mac (not sure I dare use the hp again for awhile).

Started right up. When I turned it off and on, it began where it had left off. I may just decide to like this mp3 player. I’m going to try to fully chare it and see how long it will run.