Macwheel 26" or 27.5" Electric Bicycle

Macwheel 26" or 27.5" Electric Bicycle

Darn missed the 26 inch

Lol, you and me both. I actually scoped it out to make sure it was available and then cancelled the WM black Friday sale for $398. The reviews for Macwheel are much better. In the 15 minutes it took me to cancel the WM order the 26" sold out. I sucked it up and got the 27.5". The purpose of my purchase is the utility for bringing groceries home. So the back rack is a very attractive of the 26" to me. Poop pants!

What size tires on on these bikes. I couldn’t find that information on this description.

I found the tire specs (for 27.5) on manufacturer website, 27.5"x1.75"

I didn’t bother looking up the 26" model since it’s not available

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