Mad Catz Detonator Stereo Headset

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Mad Catz Detonator Stereo Headset
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Where’s the bacon?

bring on the crate of bacon, oh hell that’s backwards

bag of creighton?

They’ve given up already. In addition to ruining the look of the site with 4.0, they also replaced all those fancy copy-writer creatives with hogs. But, give it 9 months, then we’ll all wallow in bacon-y heaven.

In keeping with the theme, you could say “Bring on the Bag Of Cracklins…”

I don’t a LOL cat right now, but will this bit of oddness do:

Is the bacon CRYING? or is that grease dripping off?

cracklings? isn’t that what they call pork skins somewhere or something?

I guess I was crapping outside the bag

cag of bation?

Yes - hence the association with Bacon.

Where the Woot-off fails: this same set is $46.99 on Amazon (which owns Woot).

(Oooh, I take that back. That’s a different set. The same one is $73 on Amazon.)

Bacon of Champions
Bacon over Cheese
Bacon Overdose Cardiac


I hear no evil…

This man’s got the whole hog!

So if I understand the headset is Bacon flavored.

Same maker - different headset. (Different name, different styling, and I imagine some different stats, but as I am not an audiofile, I don’t even know what “stats” earphones would have.)