Mad Catz Gears of War 3 Stereo Headset

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Mad Catz Gears of War 3 Stereo Headset
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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These would come in handy to block out the sounds of the squealing little piggies being turned into bacon.

So many wires and cables I don’t know if that’s a headset or a neurohelmet.

Where’s the bacon?

What do you think this is, a bacon woot off?

This is an ipod dock, headphone, speaker woot off, Sir.

I seriously have to question the bacon theme at this point.

Did someone say Mad Cats?

I think the microwires slide out of the earpads and go into your ear canals, so yes.

Anyone have any experience with these headsets? I need a new PC headset badly, and while I’m not a GoW fan, I’d rock them at this price if they’re good.

EDIT: nevermind, sold out.

These headphones are worth less than a slice of bacon

So many wires - anyone know if its compatible with other sources (PC, for instance)?

Time for lunch. lol

Shirt detour - it’s lunchtime at Wootville

to bad I already ate lunch =/

Guess i’ll just get some work done.

If you read this, never and I repeat n e v e r buy anything at all with the words mad catz on it. You’re guaranteed to have a broken product after a few months. I’ve had controllers, memory cards and headsets since the N64 days and all broke within weeks or months at best

Come share your favorite bacon site with me!

It’s lunch time at Woot! I wonder what they have for lunch.

Woot’s stuck. Someone kick it.