Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro-Console for Android

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Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro-Console for Android
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why even?

this thing was outdated when it came out.

ROFL… $80 to play ‘phone games’!

That’s just part of it. I bought one to run emulators, giving you a huge catalog of old school games. It also supports all the streaming services, do it acts act a chromecast. You can also clip the controller to your phone, making it a portable gaming platform. A bargain at this price.

The controller itself is $50, and works with PC and other bluetooth devices. It was just reviewed in PC Gamer as a pretty good Xbox style controller too.

So for $25 extra you’re basically getting what equates to adding way smarter smart features to any TV. (full android? Nice!).

Good deal IMO if you’re looking for both these options.

All things considered the hardware is decent, but the included version of Android (4.2.2, Jellybean) is definitely long in the tooth - app compatibility going forward is likely to be an issue, especially for games!

KitKat is already pretty dated, Lollipop has been out for a while, and the new Marshmellow introduces a lot of UI changes. The website says nothing about OS updates, either. I’d advise on giving this one a miss, despite the good price.

For DIY’ers, there’s a new Raspberry-Pi -esque microcomputer coming out called PINE on Kickstarter for $35 (which I’ve backed and am confident will ship) with very similar-or-better hardware specs (including a 64 bit processor). It will offer Android Lollipop out of the gate, as well (either pre-installed or download and install yourself, depending on your donation level). Add two wireless game controllers ($30) and a WiFi card ($10) and you’ve got a similar unit but with a much more recent Android OS and somewhat better hardware specs for the same price, plus a big community for support and future OS updates.

Of course, you’ll have to wait for it to ship for a while and it is DIY so you’d have to make/buy your own case, but I’d recommend it nonetheless over this off the shelf model running Jellybean with no updates in sight.

This is what I’d use this for exclusively. Right now my tablet pairs with my bluetooth controller that I got from woot (not great but does the job) and then HDMIs out to my TV, but that means I have to track down the tablet and the controller whenever I want to play since they’re not permanently next to the couch. It also means I have to deal with work emails, software updates, and all the other crap popping up over my Mario. A dedicated emulator sourcebox with a branded controller and tech support? Sold.

Except not really since as I said I already have something that does this and I’m not the kind of person who pays $80 to avoid the minor inconvenience of finding my tablet to play a 30 year old video game.

I use a BT controller paired to my lappy, which runs BlueStacks android emulator. If I want I can stream this to my TV via Win’s Devices/Project/Select wireless screen.

Why is no one mentioning Amazon Fire with controller? At least then you can run Kodi and side load whatever else.

You need to understand what this thing actually is before discounting it. It is most definitely not just a device to play “phone games” on. It might not be for the average non tech person but for someone who understands this stuff it offers quite a lot.

  1. This has the same capabilities as a ROKU device, Amazon Fire TV stick, and Chromecast. Able to run PLEX and all the other options those devices offer like HBOGO, etc. Add in the ability to use Kodi and its worth it for that alone.

  2. It doesn’t matter that it is an older version of Android. It is built to be rooted. Mad Catz even does a direct link on their own website to This means you can load the latest android custom mod and have the newest version of android you want.

  3. Rooting opens up a whole new world of console emulators.

  4. Using Moonlight streaming, this thing basically becomes a NVIDIA Shield device.

I could go on with some more technical reasons that I’m impressed with this device, but those are the main points.

A Raspberry pi will NOT run Lolipop, PERIOD. Even the 2 has a difficult time with ICS, and the Lolipop version on Pi 2 has no play store, no hardware acceleration, and the CPU is stuck at 600Mhz. This madcatz device is a MUCH BETTER alternative to a Pi2. How do I know? I own a Pi2, and it’s a piece of garbage compared to this device.

Calm down, he wasn’t even talking about the Pi, if you read the post it’s talking about the PINE which is a new computer computer board much like the Pi but with better specs.

Wish this deal was happening two years ago. Bought an Ouya, which ended up being a huge POS. These were supposed to be much better, but I feel like the micro-console market ended as quickly as it began.

How dare they say pi-esque!! BEAT THEM DOWN!!!

As others pointed out, I’m not talking about a Pi but a PINE. Do please read fully before flying into full on troll mode…

Thanks for the information. =)
But, what’s the difference in this device and mirroring your Android phone/tablet onto your tv?