Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro-Console for Android

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Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro-Console for Android
Price: $64.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 15 to Tuesday, Feb 16) + transit
Condition: New


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Please note that everything this product’s description mentions about OnLIve should be disregarded, because the OnLive service was shut down in April 2015.

That’s a shame, because when OnLive died, many cloud gaming options died with it.

For example, using OnLive’s Android app, it would have been possible to play Windows PC games on this console, with the actual game software running on OnLive’s servers.

Now that OnLive is gone, you should assume this console will only be useful for playing Android and Ouya games. And, of course, if the right emulators are available, and you’re willing to do your homework and learn how, you could also use it to play classic 8-bit arcade or console games.

Its cool that they let you root, but does that mean DRM’d things like netflix won’t work?

Hmm, I want the best wirecutting device available (at the best price). Currently using a Roku 3 and am considering switching out to a Nvidia Shield TV for the living room. But this device might deliver similar performance as the Nvidia for my needs considering I think it uses the same Tegra 4 processor. I’m just using Plex and streaming services like Hulu/Netflix. What do you guys think?

3/5 Eggs over at Newegg

I own both and the Shield TV is obviously faster, but it is limited by Android TV where the MOJO has full Android. I find myself constantly hacking on the Shield to get it to do what the MOJO can easily do.

The Shield does have a great remote which is nice for TV control. I use a mouse to control my MOJO. The Shield does not come with a web browser. It must be sideloaded.

The Shield has access to exclusive games as well as Nvidia Geforce Now which streams PC games to your Shield which is pretty awesome. Also, any game you downloaded from the (limited) Android TV play store will work and will have controller support. The MOJO has access to the entire Play Store, so you won’t know if a game works until you download and try it although it does have access to the Ouya store as well.

The last thing to point out is it’s become pretty obvious that Mad Catz will not be updating the software for the MOJO, so you’ll be stuck on 4.2.2. Marshmallow will be rolling out soon for the Shield.

I love both, but actually prefer the MOJO because it can do much more easily because of full Android. This is a powerful and fast TV box. Don’t hesitate to buy it especially at this price. I’m trying to rationalize why I need another TV box.

Hey. Don’t forget, there’s an Android Lollipop 5.0.2 ROM for this.

If you wanna flash that ROM to it, Clockwork Mod 12 is available here for this console.

XDA is an incredible resource for so many android based phones, consoles, tv sticks etc…

Upgrade jellybeans the new android software

Of course it will work. As well as HULU, Crackle, HBO Go, et…

Why? Just flash in a ROM that goes over whole year+ newer with Android Lollipop.

Thanks for the response, I bit! I like how it appears to have fairly good third party ROM support (eg, CM). At this price I figured the risk is pretty small, even a Roku 3 would be a good deal at this price.

Anyone get a Harmony remote to control this thing? I don’t think it has an IR receiver though.

Yeah. Out of a whole 4 people.

And read what they say. You can’t just go by how many stars a product has (On any site nowadays) as some people are a little dense. Many people not even familiar with how to work a product and bad mouth things anyways. As if it isn’t their fault. LOL. And man, so many reviews on Amazon about so many different things, people put up reviews based on a shipping problems, etc… Clearly having nothing to do with a products performance. Gotta read between the lines.

Here’s some good reviews with some good info. If I didn’t have already too many android boxes, tv boxes, chromecasts and money problems, I’d buy this in a HEARTBEAT at this price. The fun I could have with this is insane.

[Eurogamer Review]

[Tech Radar Review]

No. It has a special BlueTooth dongle that’s supposed to help cut down the lag time between controller and console.

Yeah, noticed that. Maybe I can add an IR port on the USB 2.0 connection.

After watching a few YouTube videos, I’m loving this! I’m in for 2. One for me, and one for my daughter.

There is a dongle made by a company called FLIRC that “acts” like a keyboard and receives IR from your remote. Harmony has a profile for it too. I use it on my Pi, not sure about Android support, but I imagine it would work just like any other USB keyboard you’d plug in.

I bought the Amazon Fire bluetooth remote and paired it with my mojo. Works great and is an excellent Kodi remote. Plus, it’s a crazy cheap remote and looks nice too.

Wow, this is almost a really cool product.

Little confused. If I have Madden on my Android phone, I can log on thru this thing and play it on my TV?