Mad Catz Primer Wireless Stereo Headset

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Mad Catz Primer Wireless Stereo Headset
$69.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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a repeat right? but cheaper… hmmmmmmm
decisions decisions…

Am I right?


No, no, of course not. There was the Mad Catz Tritton Detonator Xbox 360 Stereo Headset TRI476700M02, and then the Mad Catz Tritton Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Dolby 7.1 Headset GW3471070002, and of course who can forget the Mad Catz Tritton X360 Tigger Stereo Headset. Totally different

They should paint them different colors or something to avoid confusing those of us who aren’t paying close attention.

Does this work with PS3?

Where is everyone???

le sigh

These are much better then the turtle beach ones, which are more money.

True Story…

Wow! Best WootOff in a good while!
I love being able to save money, and there ain’t been naw’thin’ on this one I couldn’t live without.

They never have them for PS3

Do they still have BOC’s in woot off’s anymore?

only $5.00 cheaper than amazon prime (asuming you are a prime member) when you factor in $5 shipping on woot and free prime 2 day amazon shipping, i’ll procrastinate on my sons xmas purchase a little longer. he wore out the turtle beachs’ which were poorly constructed imho

It seems like kinda-not-really. They had given a bunch out on Facebook the other month, and none in the wootoff. So, who knows. Ultimately wootoffs are kind of loosing their flavor, unfortunately.


It’s been a little while, they’ve been putting them in special events like on Facebook and such. Best bet is probably Christmas…oops…you didn’t hear that from me.

It’s really hard for me to see Mad Catz and not associate them with the TERRIBLE GameCube controllers they used to make.

Nothing like a big bulky orange and black plastic thing on your head to remind you of growing up in the 70’s