Mad Pax Full Pack Backpacks




Just an FYI, I just saw these on 09-12-2014 on clearance at my local Target for $25.

Quickest way to get bullied and be rememberd as a fool until you move away to Iceland at age 18.

Of course your kids will ALWAYS remember you, they just won’t visit anymore.

Wow no Mario or Bowser references…sad…

The biggest problem I can see is that the backpacks are not made of a mesh or transparent plastic material. I don’t know about elsewhere, but around here no backpacks are allowed which do not make the contents easily visible.

The other problem is that, without fail, SOMEbody is going to be frightened or offended by the spikes and the kid is gonna get nailed due to some imbecilic “zero tolerance” rule. Heck! I would not be even the slightest bit surprised if Child Protective Services didn’t remove the child from their home due to child abuse - scary imagery.

Holly c***. What do you live?! :smiley:

There are other companies make spiky looking backpacks like this but they are not MadPax. If the ones in Target are MadPax backpacks, I will have to check out our local stores too!!! I love MadPax. We have couple ones and their lunch bags. Super durable.

My son got one of these for school.$25.00 at target. His class mates love it and he gets lots of attention with it. It is a decent size for his books and the zippers seem ok.

At $40+ I would not get it as I see this barely lasting the school year as we have rough winters.

Feel bad for people in school systems where you need mesh book bags.

The black one is $10 cheaper ($15 with shipping) at Target.

Target has these at the same price.

Can confirm.
I work at a target.

My Target has the pink ones. They were $19 last week. Material feels rubbery and sturdy. The kids have to store the backpacks in a shared cubbyhole.Unfortunately the spikes take up too much room.

The spikes are soft. You wouldn’t want to walk into one with your eye open, but they are decorative and not going to cut anyone.