Mad Priest Coffee, 3 Pack - Your Choice

Mad Priest Coffee, 3 Pack - Your Choice

Anyone have experience with this brand of coffee?

I’ve the same question…looks like they are out of Tennessee

Google showing good reviews

I knew the name was familiar!

I have heard good stuff from my local customers about it.

Also, hilarious billboard - “serious fkin gourmet st”

I just popped on to look at woot and was surprised to see them listed. I live in the Chattanooga area (where they are) and went there quite a lot before the pandemic. I haven’t bought their beans directly, but the coffee from there always tastes amazing. Smoothest lattes in the area by far.

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Yes ! This coffee roaster is local to where I live and they are amazing . My favorite coffee on the market .

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What is the roast date?

Sounds like great coffee, but if it has been sitting in a warehouse…

I don’t see the billboard, but ya gotta love a Pulp Fiction reference in the wild :slight_smile: