Made in USA WOOT!

It would be most excellent if there were a WOOT comprised only of items which were MADE IN USA!
As a conscientious American consumer and WOOT enthusiast, I believe this would be a wonderful fit!

That would eliminate well over 50% of the items listed for sale. I’m going to guess that’s not really likely to happen.

i am guessing he means adding another woot site, such as, rather than eliminating the existing plethora of woot sites. the usual mixture of usa and non-usa items would continue to be sold at the older sites.

if that’s not what he meant … well … that wouldn’t be the first time i was way off base. or the last.

I didn’t see this thread before I added my own on the same topic, I didn’t see a why to delete my thread.

I basically said the same thing, why not a All it would be is a filter of the current woot items on all the other pages of just the items made in the usa.
The product entry page would have/if not already a USA field on the form, if the user checked that item it would show up on the applicable woot page as well as the Use the sellout as the template, change the exclamation point to a flag…and your done(I know, if it was only that easy). Whatever…back to my day job.

USA WOOT would be very successful and make supporting American workers much easier!
This would provide American manufacturers with a specific and stringent marketplace to sell their goods. All the while, as consumers, we would be able to demand the high quality craftsmanship that the Made in USA label has always stood for.

It would also be a great place to find and try new made in the USA brands, much like has been a great place for me to find and try different wineries. I now patronize many wineries I have found on