Made of carbon

im loving the colors, kinda wish it was a little more coverage though. you know all the way across the shirt not just one side of it.

Great print! Congrats!

OMG! It’s coffee stains! That starts with ‘C’!

Ooooh! Pretty!

Looks like a moon. Wait is the moon made of carbon?

It’s a sad day when Woot decides to discriminate against all the amorphous plasma-based life forms in the galaxy. I’m very disappointed.

I love how this derby has two sellouts so far. Just goes to show what a bunch of nerds we wooters are. Will this be a trifecta?

That’s why you use a bloody coaster!

Whoa, five colors! I thought this was a two-color shirt at first. Very subtle.

By the way, ‘oragutan’ is spelled with an ‘N’! Guess where the ‘N’ gets shoved? -right dead straight up the middle! O-R-A-N-G-U-T-A-N!

A lyrical interweaving of art and science - nice.

Our bowling team now has new shirts. Looks like a bowling ball to me. I love it. Congrats on the print.


No, no, no. The structure of the carbon atom is all wrong. Tsk, tsk.

Now someone just has to make a hydrogen shirt. That’s just a match made in heaven.

Science swoops in…

I’m… shocked and delighted that this actually printed. While there were some very neat (and delightfully nerdy) entries in this derby, this one was my favorite of them all.

Glad it printed! One bought. :smiley:

I’ve no idea what this structure is supposed to be, but it reminds me of bubble chamber tracks that were instrumental in discovering elementary particles.

On weeks where there’s so many great derby entries I wish shirt.woot would extend to 4th place on Monday…