Made of carbon

This is amazing ! Bought it :slight_smile:

This more or less resembles the “ball and stick” models found in classrooms - i.e. there isn’t much depiction of the structure of the atoms at all. Regarding the molecular structure, there seems to be something close to a tetrahedron at the bottom, and of course a couple of benzene (aromatic, phenyl) rings. I think that’s pretty accurate, given that this is an artistic interpretation and not a chemistry lesson.

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when i look real hard, i can see the word “poo” like 5 times.

Poo is carbon-based.

I love it. Hope it sells out.

Flowers and butterfly’s. I wouldn’t wear this to the laundrymat.

can someone who has a good chemistry background explain it throughly… im kinda interested lol

on earth is is.

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Looks like it will a 3-sellout weekend.

Will be interesting to see how many manage to stay around…and how many go right from “holding,” to “Danger Zone” and then out into the cold, cold, night…

How often has that happened?

Actually its a scientific law. Poo is always carbon based.

It makes the FEA easier for practical modeling.

If you look closely at the carbon structure the lines connecting the carbon atoms are either thin or thick, meaning either a single or double bond. All of the carbon atoms in the hexagon have 4 bonds.

No one has posted this yet? The molecule pictured is a ball and stick model of cellulose which makes up plant cell walls.

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Congrats on the sellout, radio!!

neokill, woot uses American Apparel shirts and they are very comfortable. That’s why I’ve bought over 100 of them.

thanks brah for reply.
i hope they have more designs like this or better in the future