Made of carbon

Didn’t get it when it was in the derby … still don’t get it.

Oh man, this is a sweet shirt. Congrats on the print Radiomode. I wish I had the money so I could buy it. Maybe it will still be around when I get paid in two weeks.

carbon is the basis of all life forms. hence the flower(?) and the butterfly at the top.

if the circles are the bubble chamber track thing and the squigglies are one of the spectrums for carbon (NMR and the like) then it’s kind of like a progression. [I hated ochem, so I don’t remember all the terminology…]

awesome, even if i can’t decipher it as a chem major :smiley:

This shirt is amazing…

My husband and I are science geeks (I’m in medical school and he is in grad school for his phd in psychology) and our wedding colors (we just got married in March) were blue and orange and we had butterflies everywhere because I am simply obsessed with butterflies. Oh… and we LOVE WOOT!!

Needless to say… this shirt is perfect… We both got one. XD

The only thing that would make this better would be if the design were also offered as a print. :frowning:

Blue and Orange are great colors against black. Worked very well in Escape the City (which I bought)

Works well here too.

Simple carbon life forms. I need tungsten to live! Tungsten!

never though I say this but “I’m so glad this printed” if you know what I mean.

Congrats radiomode!

While I felt like it was tenuously on theme, it’s definitely a popular winner.

that’s NOT actually the middle…

This t-shirt is way cool. Rating this shirt 3rd chump, not so much. Love it, can’t wait to get it.

I dig.

Every time they try to make a hydrogen shirt, BOOOM!

Wow! congrats Radiomode! well deserved, and looks terrific on the tee!

You have a nice style! :slight_smile:

This is amazing ! Bought it :slight_smile:

This more or less resembles the “ball and stick” models found in classrooms - i.e. there isn’t much depiction of the structure of the atoms at all. Regarding the molecular structure, there seems to be something close to a tetrahedron at the bottom, and of course a couple of benzene (aromatic, phenyl) rings. I think that’s pretty accurate, given that this is an artistic interpretation and not a chemistry lesson.

somehow i knew that the 4th, 5th, or 6th tshirts in this derby were the ones i wanted the most. of course, “The 5 second rule” shirt sold out before I woke up, but otherwise, while these shirts are nice, I dont need them and I have this $5 off coupon burning a virtual hole in my email pocket. i think i have til the end of this week to use it, fingers crossed.

I just used it to get this shirt. Feels good man.

Buy a third, and have it framed… shirts are actually fairly easy to frame… no one would know :slight_smile:

when i look real hard, i can see the word “poo” like 5 times.