Madison Cellars Paso Robles Trio



Madison Cellars Paso Robles Trio
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping

condition: Red
1 Madison Cellars 2003 Syrah – Paso Robles, Estate Grown
1 Madison Cellars 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon – Paso Robles, Estate Grown
1 Madison Cellars 2003 Maximus – Paso Robles, Estate Grown


question to the winemaker: what made you guys go toward using american oak?


The web site is here.

And the wines are here.



Hmm, this one is tempting, I will wait until tomorow morning to see if any comments sway me 1 way or the other. I am very on the fence!


Umm the side is a little messed up guys.
Shot at 2007-08-13


In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. (3rd wine woot in as many weeks)

The wines sound wonderful, and at this price you’re basically getting one of the bottles free.


Too much risk last week. Ths seems interesting. We’ll see.


Okay, so I want one of these as a gift for my sister, to be delivered to Houston - and another for me, to be delivered to Austin.

How do I do that? I’m afraid to order one only to get the dreaded “You have already wooted” when I try to order the second…


Mike :slight_smile:


Sounds great but with all the trouble I’ve been having with the new shipping, I just don’t know. I think I’d be better off to ignore my wine addiction until the fall, when it’s not 90 F or better around here (and this is just Illinois).

It’s such a shame though… these do sound wonderful.


Question for the winemaker: Maximus appears to meet the specs for a Meritage blend (which means I’ll probably be in for one). Any particular reason you choose not to call it that? I do understand that it’s a trademark and there are fees involved in its use.


PS – At the web site these sell for a total of $80. The Wine Guild price would be 10%/$8 off, or $72. We’re getting a good price break, people.


it indeed is too hot down south to be ordering. my last order came in toasty even with 2nd day air. 3 orders worth were heated to a toasty 94 with the trusty infrared thermometer.

There is not much on this winery, so it’ll be interesting to see what other wooters and the winery maker may say. It interests me that they don’t have much marketing, but the fact winesearcher nor cellar tracker have ANY wines listed from Madison Cellars is worrisome to me.


hello fellow Austin wooter (read your PM that I sent ya). I would start another account. i’ve done that before to get some multiples of a really good wine set. :slight_smile:


amen, sister. Fellow Illinois resident here and I agree. Where are you roughly?


Could we possibly delay the shipping to avoid the triple digit temps lately??


Other wine sites have instituted that policy.


and when did wine.woot get such a hoity-toity button? did I just not notice it before??


Did you open the box and measure the bottles or just shoot the outside of the box? I assume you were measuring the bottles rather than the box, but I want to make sure. I must say 94 is pretty hot!


Hello Everyone!! My name is Margie. My husband, Jon, the winemaker, will join us in the morn. We are very excited to be a part of the wine.woot! We look forward to your comments and answering any questions you may have.

Be prepared to be AMAZED!!!


Wow - look at all the information on the description page! So many questions answered so early, this should make for interesting discussion of terroir - clay and loam, of barrel flavor - toasted or untoasted?, and so many 0.0% RS values we should all be licking lips for the dryness this week. And yet I may have to pass as my wootleg is so large due to delays in shipping, the backlog of boxes may not fit in my “hummer”.

EDIT: And my post is beaten out by winery participation, score 2 points for Madison! (madwine -great handle, by the way).