Madrigal Napa Valley Merlot (3)

Madrigal Napa Valley Merlot 3-Pack
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2010 Napa Valley Merlot
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I really dug this wine.

I really like their zin, but I’ve never had the merlot. Any tasting notes out there?

I went back through a few years of CellarTracker…Scores over the years have ranged from 88-93 or so. So pretty solid year after year from the looks of it.

That’s good enough of an endorsement for me!

In for 2:

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5 minutes ago

mmmm… that is big enough endorsement…

but soooo no clue on this winery or this wine…

any hint sir?


the 88-93 rating got me, in for 1 now that Michigan is back in the game!!