Madrigal Petite Sirah Vertical (3)

Madrigal Petite Sirah Vertical 3-Pack
$89.99 $163.00 45% off List Price
2005 Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
2006 Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
2007 Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
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Where’s sparkys tumbleweeds when you need them.

W.W, why the compelling juice but not a compelling price? And during the week of black Friday!

CT average of $76 for the vertical. Mission Liquor & Wines in LA has the '05 and '06 for $20 each.

Rumor has it that there will be a l̶a̶b̶r̶a̶t̶ live-PoSting tasting THIS VERY MORNING, involving all three bottles.

Stay tuned, folks…

(rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated)

Ha! I was wondering if you’d be live for this.


Thank you for the thoughts/comment.

We are sharing some really special wines that have been perfectly stored (55 degrees) and the bottle aged to showcase the power of PS, we believe this was a compelling price for the care and additional attention we have given these bottles.

Also, the opportunity to experience a vertical all at once is really cool too…… The vintage and Mother Nature really shows her stuff….

Chris M


Thank you for the comment and bringing that up.

Our friends at Mission Wine (and I mean that sincerely) have come to winery many times and are HUGE supporters of Madrigal. They did lower the price to move the last few bottles from their inventory, but that was more than several years ago. I will have to remind my kids that everything stays on the internet forever….

With that said, when working with WW for the first time, we decided to do pull some really special bottles from our library - we do PS REALLY well.

We have stored this bottles perfectly for 5-7 years. These wines can only be purchased at the winery from us and now in a vertical from WW.

As a side note about verticals, this is really cool to be able to taste side by side, year by year, and experience how vintages influence a wine.

We are small family winery and love to share our love for the land and the wines that we make.

Chris M.

I just had 2005 PS last night with BBQ and it was AWESOME!!!

Another favorite of mine is Lamb Tacos with PS.

Ask me for more pairings recommendations.

I’m also really excited about the age on these… just the right time for pre-dumb PhaSe PS, and a vertical to boot!

Now time to go downstairs and check to see if a package arrived…

Nope, nothing yet.

Lamb (especially with white pepper) and PS is one of the more inspired PairingS out there. PS can really handle the big, sometimes-gamy flavors of lamb, and the tannins really help cut through the fat.


I can’t wait until package arrives!!!

Chris M

Hi Chris, thank you for your participation today. I don’t doubt that these are some special bottles. They certainly have very good reviews from users on the Cellar Tracker website.

As wine.woot is unable to ship to Ohio at this time, I did take advantage of the low prices from Mission Wine. Hopefully the listings weren’t leftover from several years ago as the wine appeared to be in stock on their website. I also picked up some of your '07 Cab Sauv from them. I guess I will have to wait and see if they send me an email saying that their website listings are outdated. Wouldn’t be the first time…

Thanks again for joining us on the discussion boards and I look forward to seeing more Madrigal offers in the future (hopefully with available shipping to Ohio).

Lo and behold, a 2006 Madrigal PS dropped off the van into my box just now. :happy:

Need to let it settle for a bit.

PS and Sparky getting these. That alone suggests this may live up to it’s black-tie status.

The monkeys had to take a long and arduous detour to find my current location… but they hopped many delivery trucks in frogger fashion and found their way to my doorstep.

2007 Madrigal Napa Valley Petite Sirah
Fresh off the truck, PnP. Color is dark and inky as one would expect from PS. Decent clarity, but I think it would settle more given time. Nose is a bit muted initially, but picking up deep dark fruit with components of blackberry compote and boysenberry with perhaps a touch of currant. Similar fruit on the palate initially, leaning more towards blackberry with some bramble. Good acid, lots of tannin heft (duh, PS). Picking up white pepper on the medium length finish. Even with only 10 minutes in the glass it is starting to wake up some. Will check back in an hour or so to update notes. This is a really nice PS. Age worthiness is not a question here, with this wine still a bit young and tight. I have had Madrigal PETs from the late and early 90s that were still fantastic. No worries with the long term potential of this wine either.

Holiday schedule = hectic. 4 hours open in the bottle and this wine has opened up, but I would say it could still use some time. Starting to pick up the cocoa/espresso on the back of the palate now. Up front fruit profile is still showing dark blackberry (not getting the blueberry from the notes). There is a fair amount of sediment and this wine will benefit from letting it rest after shipping a bit.

This is a nice wine at a good price.

I had the pleasure of enjoying a wine pairing dinner with Madrigal wines recently sponsored by my favorite wine store. Chris was wonderful with his descriptions and the pairings were outstanding. I’m very hopeful that we’ll be seeing more of Madrigal in the future on Woot. The zins and cabs are to die for…

2006 Madrigal Napa Valley Petite Sirah

Okay, let it sit for 3 hours, and it’s time!

PnP. Wonderful aroma on popping the cork. Color is dark and inky as usual for a PS. Wondering how trifecta found clarity, it’s so nice and dark.

Nose has a wonderful aroma, picking up deep dark fruits of blackberry and black currant. Similar fruit on the palate initially, with good acidity and nicely rounded tannins (not in your face yet). Like trifecta, picking up white pepper on the medium length finish.

More in two hours.

Thinking I should have gotten more sets!