Maestral Ice Wine by Dan Tudor 375ml (2)



Maestral Ice Wine by Dan Tudor 375ml 2-Pack
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2011 Maestral Wein der Eisbox Tondré Vineyard SLH 375ml

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There are so many laws governing the sale and packaging of alcohol, it is surprising this legally does not have to be labelled “Ice-style wine” due to it not being actual ice wine.


How do you make an ice wine in Santa Barbara, CA?


Has anyone tried this? Is it sweet like a moscato d’asti?


Officially it is a fanciful name “Wein der Eisbox” - wine from the ice box. They put it in a freezer (that’s how they make it in Santa Barbara.)

They don’t call it “ice wine” on the label so it’s legal.


I’m not really a ‘sweet wine guy’ and I have to admit, this was pretty tasty. Dan poured some of this for me a month or two ago in Carmel; All I could think about was apricots and peaches; on the nose and the palate. It had really nice mouthfeel as well; good weight and texture.


Must be from “NORTHERN” Santa Barbara. I mean REALLY! I guess I missed the “ice wine” on Foxen Canyon Road. This may be excellent wine, but I must agree with the other post, calling this an “ice wine” seems a bit of a stretch. For those who might be just learning about wine it’s misleading at best. Do your research on this one. Perhaps more explanation of the process would be enlightening. Disappointing WineWoot, the winery may be labeling it legally but I expect more out of you than advertising this as “ice wine”.


Neil, how would you compare this to scotts angel eis?


Hi Wine Wooters!, Dan Tudor the winemaker here :slight_smile: This is a one-time woot intro offer of our new “Ice Wine” from the Santa Lucia Highlands. The only ice wine from Monterey Country that I know of. It’s really incredible. We picked at the perfect time for sugar, flavor, acid, for a classic german Riesling ice wine. Fire away with any questions :slight_smile:


sadly, I haven’t tried the Angel Eis. I will, next chance I get. Again, I’m not typically a sweet wine guy, but finding that there are some that I dig, and more importantly, it turns out my wife (who doesn’t normally drink wine) likes the sweet stuff (she liked this one too…)


Dan, have you by any chance had Scott Harvey’s Angel Eis Wine? It’s a Riesling ice wine from Mendicino County. If so, could you compare this with that?

Very similar stats:

Blend: 100% Riesling
Alcohol: 7%
pH: 2.88
RS: 21%
TA: 9g/l

What is the PH on this?


Thanks for the comment.

According to WTO labeling rules, which we follow, the wine can only be labeled “ICE WINE” if the grapes were frozen by nature in the field while still hanging on the vine. Like Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon and Pacific Rim (since sold), we labeled our “ice wine” “WINE OF THE ICE BOX” to be in compliance and avoid confusion with the Canadian and Germans pre-harvest frozen ice wines. (Randall used the term Vin De Glaciere which he also trademarked). When frozen after harvest the process is technically called Cryoextraction. The water in the juice freezes and the flavors, acids and sugars don’t. Pre-harvest ice wine is actually “cryo-extracted” also but with nature doing the freezing rather than PG&E. That said I believe we can make a better more consistent ice wine than the Canadians OR Germans because we can freeze at precisely the moment we choose. In fact, because of global warming, I’ve been told by a number of German ice wine producers that they haven’t been able to make any ice wine for years! My guess is they are going to want to change those WTO rules and their own “ice wine” production regulations soon themselves. btw - Santa Lucia Highlands is in Monterey County. Also known by many at California’s Côte-d’Or.


Thanks for the comment and question. I haven’t tried the Scott Harvey wine but will find it and try it asap. The pH on our Maestral “Wein der Eisbox” is around 3.2


Dan, as one who has traveled extensively throughout Niagara and tasted many icewines, could you compare the flavour profiles? Aside from the concentration boost you get from freezing regular/slightly late harvest picking, the added hang time for the grapes in Niagara changes the flavour profile. I’m trying to draw the parallels - I tend to like the real stuff better, even though it’s not as uniform in quality.


If cellared properly, with this keep for many years to come?


What’s the drinking window on this?



No shit. I saw icewine, then I saw Santa Lucia highlands and went, “WUT?”

I gotta say, at first glance I was in for one, but after the reveal, not so much.


Nothing like bringing a woot off to screeching halt, I’ll check back in a few hrs. this stuff’s not moving


Thanks for the question. I find the flavors more like a Trockenbeerenauslese or Beerenauslese. It was actually picked quite late at over 27 brix. We wanted the “clean style” so the fairly large amount of botrytis was removed by the picking crew for the most part.