Magellan 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic

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Magellan 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/24/2014 - $39.99 - 20 comment(s)

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Check out this step by step process to updating your GPS

I’m considering this as a gift for my parents (who are really beyond help). Anyone have experience with this? Is it simple enough for the least tech savvy people you’ve ever met? And by least tech savvy, I mean you’d have a better time explaining the Internet to Abe Lincoln.

google maps and smart phones haven’t put this company down yet?

price is tempting- but got burned by Magellan before. Lifetime maps never works- terrible support. Tried different PC’s and still no sync. Sent it back and got a replacement- same problem. Would not buy this.

Discussion from a previous offer

Be aware folks–“lifetime maps” refers to the life of the product, not your lifetime. The manufacturer can, therefore, discontinue map updates anytime it pleases.

I was not surprised to read that shipping for this item is not available to Alaska and Hawaii… because, of course, its size and overwhelming weight must make freight costs to our other two states just overwhelming. Like as in: not one g’damned thing more than shipping to my address in Florida. Way to go Woot. Being bought by SEATTLE based Amazon didn’t wise you up one bit, did it?

ive been looking for candidates to explain the internet to once my time machine is complete. i often think;ben franklin, but he’d probably make me feel dumb. well, back to the garage.

I bought one of these last month as a back-up and for when I’m on trips where I don’t have my own car. Set-up was pretty easy and I was able to update the GPS via their content manager software with little difficulty. My only complaint so far is that their update software keeps informing my that updates are available which turns out to be nothing more than them trying to upsell me their premium “Phantom Alert” subscription service that warns you of speed traps and red-light cameras. If there’s a way to remove that service from the update notifications I haven’t found it yet.

Believe it or not, there are still a ton of places out there where most phone services don’t have good data available, and even now that you can cache in google maps it still needs to talk to the mothership to get directions.

There are other reasons to use a dedicated navigation device, too- but that one alone is enough for me.

I purchased one last time and tried to register it so I can get new maps. the Web sight told me it was already registered to someone else. I I thought refurbished meant they took it back to factory condition!!! Getting tired of having to return what I purchase from Wood because the purchase wasn’t as advertised.

That, and;

If I’m in my sports car (which is rather noisy), I can’t hear the directions given by a phone (not loud enough). My TomTom is loud enough to cut through.

I carry the smallest phone possible (so it fits in my pocket). No phablet for me. That little extra bit of screen size makes a difference.

Just like no hdmi, no voice activation is a no deal here. Of course I al ready have a gps and looking for an upgrade.

I bought this last time and have used it plenty since I got it. Overall, I am happy with it.

Lifetime maps for only $40, which cost less than to update my Garmin just once.
I like the road sign and lane indications.
Has traffic jam notices and asks if you want to take a different route, showing the time.

When entering addresses, the react time is very slow and annoying. I will press a letter and it takes forever to register it.
Battery life seems to only be 2 hours.
No volume dial, it’s all by pressing on screen.

Also, its only 4 times a year that you get updates. Sometimes, they don’t even update more than once a year.

And to the guy who said google maps + smart phones, until unlimited data becomes the rule, these guys will exist and have their use. I moved from coast-to-coast…and that drive wouldn’t have been possible using a smartphone with so many deadzones as you go through the plains.

Travel around this country and you will find lots of places with no phone service from your provider. Off-line Google maps are restricted to an area the size of a neighborhood. You can forget about getting across a whole city, much less a state.

I also find the inability, or difficulty, to create and save routes, including POIs along the way a great Google missing. Planning, a vacation, and creating meaningful routes before the trip are impossible on Google Maps.

Does this have any European maps or are any available for download?