Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic

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Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic
$84.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $19 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I got this last week during regular daily deal. Unit is fully featured, but not as convenient to update and charge as my TomTom GPS unit. It didn’t come with any driver disk, so you need to download the Magellan Content Manager yourself. Registering the unit so you can get the lifetime free maps was a bit vague, and their computer-side interface is clunky and non-intuitive. To load the AAA data, you have to go to the AAA site to download the file, then follow their instructions to update. Which includes turning off the unit until the download is complete, then turning it back on to load it. Again… very clunky.

All that said, it is an excellent price, as I paid almost that much for 1 year of TomTom map updates. And this unit has free, live traffic updates (haven’t had a chance to test since I just received it yesterday). I would buy it again, just for the lifetime maps and traffic.

I am tempted but wary. The garmin I bought was about the same price but the traffic part has been absolutely useless so I used it all of one week. It also is not loud enough to be heard in my car. I hate throwing away another $85.

I have spent a lot of time stuck in traffic mentally designing a new
traffic system.

$120 shipped through the manufacturer’s site:

Kind of makes you wonder where woot gets its MSRPs…

Is it better than a cobra?

Eh… I have been waiting all day for a GPS… I figure it was worth $85 for a nice sized screen and lifetime maps.

Fastest delivery ever for Woot…Item is a little suspect. I am having issues wit the USB connection. and the power on switch does not always work. In fairness I have not put it in the car yet but I can hit the power switch 6 or 7 times before it seems to respond and power up. Sometimes it does not recognize that teh USB is attached when it is on the computer. I am going to give it a week for more testing.

Yes, test it out completely - you may also want to contact the manufacturer for a replacement if it gets too sketchy for you. (And if you have any problems beyond that, do contact