Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic

Uhhhhhh NO!

Your phone as your only GPS only works if you never venture far from home or outside a strong cell coverage footprint.

Phones do not store maps/poi data. They grab it remotely as needed from a remote server. As such, if you get into an area with spotty cell coverage (deserts, mountains, forests, the Florida panhandle, etc.) you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D!

Phone based GPS is nice but it’s still a LONG way from replacing handheld and in dash GPS units. For those of you that don’t believe me, please think of me when you are lost in the middle of nowhere, yelling at your phone, cursing your carrier, and begging a homeless guy to please for-the-love-of-God help you find the interstate!

Tempting. I was thinking a new Garmin to replace the one I got in like 2009, when I found the screws on the back panel were too messed up for me to be able to replace the battery. But I dont want to spend the bank for that. We also have a cheap Tom Tom I dont like much but my wife likes because it is simple.

Never really considered a Magellan. Are the menus intuitive? Hmm at the price I am definitely tempted.

Google Maps caches map data when you start a route, as does any other GPS app worth its salt. And it’s easier to use and better than any stand alone GPS unit I’ve played with, although I won’t speak for Apple Maps. (You iPeople know you can put a link to Google Map’s mobile site on your homepage and pretend it’s an app, right? Seems like that would be loads better than the built in one.)

And if you need to change your route without a data connection, how well does that work? Usually not very well. I speak from experience, since we had to do just that 4 times on my trip last week.

A dedicated GPS is still worth it.

I agree. Driving near DC and I can tell you that it is slow and the accuracy will leave you trying to drive through a creek (happened to me 2 weeks ago) so I would pass any Magellan up. Get something else.

I would be wary of Magellan products. I’ve had to replace one (under warranty, fortunately) for a major software meltdown. So far the software on the replacement hasn’t failed, but the unit has to be plugged in continuously, or the battery goes dead. So it’s not a GPS unit you can pull out just when you need it. Also, the “Content Manager” software that you must load on your computer is user-hostile.

Consumer Reports rates it a 63 out of 100, just a hair over the line from good to very good.

One reviewer wrote

The other review was positive, but it was a newer user

I think I’m still going to hold off…

I just bought this for my mom for her Birthday. I’m a little leery now after reading some of the negative reviews in here. I am hoping this wasn’t a mistake.

That is only true of some GPS phone apps. CoPilot Live downloads and stores the maps directly on your phone. A GPS for the whole US is only $9.99 (assuming you have already paid for a smart phone).

Programs such as Co-Pilot store map data locally and work just like a stand alone GPS.

Not to mention those of us who refuse to buy a spacephone that requires an extra $30 / month to use.

Def get it for your gf. I got one and I love it. Where other gps units take too long while ‘calculating route’, this one picks up right away without missing a beat. The realistic highway signs are a major plus, also. No more guessing which lane you should be in.

Does it show your actual speed versus, the current speed limit where you are on the screen?

This was asked before, but not answered - and I think it’s probably a standard feature but is not listed in the description: Does this display your current driving speed AND the speed limit? I find that to be an EXTREMELY useful feature. I also found this review for 3065 - apparently very similar - looks pretty good IMHO. Magellan RoadMate 3065 Commuter review: Magellan RoadMate 3065 Commuter - CNET

does anyone know if this Magellan GPS has a compass function

Manual download:

I found where this unit DOES display current speed, but still don’t know whether or not it will display SPEED LIMIT. Could someone that owns one of these please grace us with your knowledge?

I was massively disappointing by the lack basic features on these models.

  1. No charging light. Maybe I’m the only person whos cigarette outlet is a bit temperamental.

  2. No current time feature, only ETA.

  3. Map updates are like $70. I think you should at least get the first one free, that way your item isn’t outdated before you even turn it on.

    hat is all I can think of at the moment. There may be more.

You could always use those big black on white signs on the side of the road that tell you the allowable speed limit…

Oh, and my car has this cool new app - it lives in the dash, right in front of me, and has this cool needle that shows me how fast I’m going - ALL THE TIME!!

Technology is cool but can’t we still do some things (like figure out if we are speeding…) without a computer telling us?

I agree with your sentiment, but I need to say that my brother uses a nokia and their GPS DOES do that, and he actually really likes it. It’s great for those arterial roads that change from 45 to 55 to 35 and you’re always a little worried.

. . . of course, your opinion is vastly enhanced due to the mysteriously compelling emphasis given to your thoughts by the use of ALL CAPS.