Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic

an eighth of an inch is the difference between “A” and “Ass” :smiley:

Yes, it does show both your speed and the posted speed.

So wait, they charge 70 bucks for each of their FREE lifetime map upgrades? 70 dollars does not sound very free.

THANK YOU! My car does have a speedometer, but it’s off by a few mph when compared to GPS, (I hope the GPS speed is accurate because I like it better), and duh, I KNOW to read the signs beside the road, but they don’t always appear when I need them, (like right when I encounter a highway patol guy). Having both current and posted speed on the display is very cool, believe it or not!

Nah, that sounds like misinformation. Description says map updates are free for life!

Woot! I’m in for one. It may not be perfect but I’m guessing it will be an improvement over my 8 year-old TomTom with maps 3 years out of date. Wish I had it for the 500+ mile road trip I’m taking tomorrow. And I’m digging the fact that I won’t need to pay 50 bucks for each map update - also anxious to see how effective the traffic info will be… Woot!

I’ll never buy another Magellan. These were great before the company was sold about 7 years ago. They don’t support their products when they fail…they just ask you to buy a newer model from them at a higher rate than what Amazon charges.

This… I thought I was super smart when I figured out how to get my phone to download maps sections for the Google Maps app (so it wouldn’t need 3g/4g). Well 2 hours into my trip the battery was just about dead so I put it on the charger and in 30 minutes it overheated and turned off. (Android phone overheat indicator is the green and amber lights alternating). So I still use a “real” gps unit for anything over 30 minutes. And I drive a lot for work.

Yes, that’s one thing I love about them, and one reason I picked up 3 of these last night! (one for me, and one for DH and one for my sister, both of whom can’t find their way out of a paper bag!)

I’m tempted by this. My wife has a Garmin, and I have an older Magellan with outdated maps. I like the Magellan better due to the “one touch” feature, better keyboard/address input, and more friendly GUI. I do like the graphics a bit better on the Garmin, but like the highway exist assist on Magellan. Both are good GPS units, IMO–differences are minor. The routing on both can be screwy, taking you out of the way. But I can buy this for a little more than it would cost to update the maps.

Meant to add–if this Magellan is similar to mine, it does display current speed (toggles in exchange with other info, like compass, ETA, miles to destination, etc.). I don’t believe that Magellan displays the speed limit, though. My Garmin does. Not a dealbreaker for me, but can understand if that’s important for others. I actually find it annoying, as I don’t want to be reminded that I am speeding!

Just reading the specs and I see it is a Bluetooth Speaker phone. Does anyone have experience with this? I just bought a Motorola T325 and I like it, but if this can function as both, that would be great.

I bought a high end Garmin that’s review beat this one and find myself using my smartphone GPS and the smartphone app Waze instead. Live traffic is a joke no matter what brand you get. I have free lifetime live traffic too and it’s worthless. Waze is best for that.
GPS is always on the top lists of electronics/gadgets that will soon become obsolete. Put your money towards a tablet with GPS and Waze. There will be a huge tablet war in from around Black Friday through Christmas an on.

I’m thinking it isn’t water resistant? Why does a water tight box double(at least) the price of these gadgets?

I was looking for a backup camera with gps as one unit as well. the only ones that i could find here in the u.s. is by magellan. which the following link shows the newest model. good luck!

Thats why I dont buy Apple. Android all the way.

I disagree. I bought this from woot a month or so ago, updated it immediately, and got to give it its first real try today. It performed flawlessly. The instructions may have been a bit odd from time to time (making us circle a block and double back instead of simply turning left into a parking lot, for instance) but so far it has gotten us exactly where we need to go every time.

It shows your speed, but not the speed limit for the road you’re on.

Do you mean that it doesn’t display the current time, like a clock? It’s available on the pop-up that appears when you tap the ETA, and then tapping that value will replace the ETA with the clock (or your current speed, or the distance remaining, etc.)

Not true for this model. Updates are free.

Please tell me how to access the speed limit info - I didn’t see it!