Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic

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Magellan 4.7" GPS Lifetime Maps/Traffic
$79.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $19 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Is there a large market for GPS devices any longer? I’d think between smartphones and built-in car GPS, paying $80 for a turn-by-turn GPS seems… silly.

My old car doesn’t have one built in. I like having a stand-alone GPS for trips because they give more info such as lane guidance and speed limits. (Note, I don’t know that this one does these. Just examples.)

how is this different from a wootoff? just more stock of each item?

So how does it obtain the traffic information each morning? Does it beam from the sky as well? That seems silly.

Ehhhhhhhhhh, not really. We’re just selling a few things today. New item every 6 hours unless it sells out before that.

Having a stand alone GPS is still great. You can not use your phone GPS if you have no cell service, like in the mountains. Most people can afford this unit over getting a automobile trim package that has a built in GPS. If you have an iPhone, then you already know how frustrating apple maps is. Plus my gps keeps track of my mpg and price per gallon to give my very nerdy stats for me to geek over at the end of every trip!

having used smartphone nav, it seems like a joke. losing gps signal and having it pause as if you came to a stop, then jumping to your current position…all the time, one missing all the crucial turns. I admit I use a car based unit with dead reckoning capability, but when I used those standalone units, they never had all the odd quirks.

I refuse to use a smart phone for GPS. I like this one because of the lifetime traffic and map updates.

thats a weird looking phone.

The worst Garmin is still better than the best of most everything else. Maybe this unit is the exception but frankly it isn’t worth the $79.00 to risk it. It seems the very fact that Woot hardly (if ever) even offers a Garmin is a testament to how good they are as they don’t have to resort to Woot to sell off “last years model” or get rid of excess inventory at some reduced rate.

I think there is alot of merit in a stand alone GPS unit. I have four on my smart phone and the best one of the bunch still doesn’t respond as quick, with realistic routes that make sense, corrects quickly when you make a wrong turn as a Garmin.

Happy wooting everyone!

Ummmm, surely Woots doing more then just this for cyber Monday… :frowning:

Lifetime Maps and Traffic? Sounds handy, especially since I just spent 8 hours in Holiday Traffic.

Pretty sure that could have been cut down to 7 Had I known some side routes a little better.

Here it is on the magellan website You can find Accessories and software that way.

Check out Nokia Drive+ on the Lumia 920 and Lumia 810/820/822 phones. You definitely can download maps ahead of time and get GPS nav when you’re out of service area for data/cell signal.

I guess woot is the only deal web site you go to? Garmin GPS for $100 or less has regularly appeared in other deal sites.

Too bad that many people thought the crappy Google Map on iPhone was the first GPS map app on smartphone.

I’ve been using DOWNLOADED maps on Nokia phones since N95 for 5 years. And free turn by turn voice navigation for 3 years, well before Android has it. I use it even overseas without cell signal, it will take longer about 2 minutes to lock on the first location without data connection.

I picked this up about a month ago when it came around and have been very pleased with it.

Lifetime maps are limited to 4 updates per year, and traffic can take upwards of 20 minutes to sync over the air (and only if you use the car adapter that comes with the kit). There’s a pre-wake function so that you can “warm up” the traffic off the battery if you want, but I live far enough out of the metropolitan coverage area that 20 minutes of a drive in isn’t that big of a deal. Note that there are advertisements that turn on and can’t be turned off if you use traffic. I haven’t seen them yet to tell you how annoying they are, but I think they’re banner ads, and probably a good part of why it takes so goddamn long to receive a traffic report.

It includes bluetooth, which is very nice, and the call quality is excellent. However, it does not sync with an iPhone that I can tell to download the phone book. It may be because I’m sync’d with an exchange server but I dunno.

However, being able to dial POI directly from the unit is awesome, the volume is nice, and it apparently has some noise cancellation in it, as I’ve been told that the call quality is quite good.

It lacks the higher end bells and whistles, but for under 100 bucks, this unit has great features for it. If you’re a road warrior, or travel a lot like I do, it’s great to have a really good dedicated GPS unit that you can chuck in your bag and throw into a car rental. Incidentally, it’s also replacing a Magellan I bought about 4 years ago off of Woot, after working without issue.

Traffic comes in on an FM signal. Major roads are covered. No need for cell phone coverage.

4 updates a year is more than sufficient. Really, how often do roads change. I have 7 year old maps in my car navigator, and that is good 99% of the time. Mazda wants about $300 to update. I believe Garmin gets about $75 per update for non-lifetime maps.