Magellan 5" GPS + Dashcam with Lifetime Maps

how does battery charge

Cig. lighter power cord charges as it powers. USB Connector Connect to power source* or personal computer**

  • Power input from vehicle power adapter cable or optional AC
    power adapter.
    ** Connect your receiver to a personal computer to playback or
    save DVR videos, and to update maps and software using the
    Magellan Content Manager application.

Searching to see if Europe maps can be loaded to this model and the cost. Anyone know?

It may be possible as this model has a micro SD card slot. This link on Magellan is where you’d get it, but it’s not cheap at $99.99.

Has quite a bit of poor reviews on Amazon. Three out of five stars overall. Think I will pass on this. Already have true HD dash cams in vehicles, but would have been nice to add a nav unit.

I picked up this item when it was sold here October 2016. I didn’t realize I’d had it this long. It’s still working, so I guess that’s good. I wouldn’t say it’s incredible, but it’s not terrible either.

First, it’s not a Garmin. The user interface is less user-friendly to me and some info I’d like to see at all times is hidden in unexpected places.

The GPS is not as accurate as I’d expect. I don’t mean that you’ll be somewhere else in the world, but it will snap your position to exit ramps when you’re 2 lanes over. I know GPS can be more accurate than that.

Every once in a while, you need to review the videos because bumps in the road will make the unit think you’ve been in an accident, so it locks the video segment for review. You need to unlock them so they can be overwritten and free up memory.

Power-up and power-down aren’t as reliable as my old Garmin. Sometimes it would power down completely, which means a few minutes of bootup and signal finding, other times it would just sleep and come back in a blink.

My unit right now has developed a touchscreen problem where the right side operates fine, but the left side registers about a half-inch to the right of where you touched. That means I can’t click anything on the farthest left of the screen. I sometimes have to power off the device to get out of the screen I’m in.

I did pay a lot more for mine, so at this price, I think the downsides are probably more worth it.

Is there a subscription fee for the GPS service?

Edit: (answering my own question) Everything I’ve read says no subscription fee, except for ‘Phantom Alerts’, which give traffic cam info, and is included free for 1-3 years, depending on model.

I got this a few months back when it was offered. Didn’t work out of the box. The screen was just a series of vertical lines. Went back to them the next day. I have an older refurb Garmin without the camera, so was totally disappointed in this one. Not sure I will ever buy another refurb item again after that.

No Europe map load. Got response from manufacturing.

could not get map updates even with multiple chat sessions.
Does not recognize plugins.
My friendly chat person said I could still use it without the updates.
My unit is 2 yrs old and new roads are not in it.
“reconditioned not worth it at any price”

Don’t waste your money! Use Google maps on your iPhone!
Thats all you need!

Unfortunately this unit does not seem to have free updates. I bought mine from Woot as a refurb in 2016. I can no longer update it. I have asked Magellan for a reason and all I get from the tech rep is:
“As of the moment, we have not received any feedback regarding this concern but rest assured that we will continuously follow up from our Headquarters. Thank you for your patience.”
That was a month ago…

No, actually it’s not.

In central Wyoming (Lander to Shoshoni) the entire cell phone system collapsed under the weight of eclipse visitors like me. I had 3-5 bars of signal, but absolutely nothing was getting through. No voice, no data, not even text.

And if your phone can’t talk to the server, you can’t download maps or plot a route. Of course the GPS still works, but that’s not very useful with no maps or routing.

Fortunately we took along the standalone Garmin from my wife’s car. It worked flawlessly when the phones were paperweights.

Over the years, and several different GPS units, Garmin support has generally been more useful to me than Magellan support.

But I bet it’s better then the $1800 radio/nav system in my 2013 VW Passat TDi. Guess that bunch in Knoxville think we “other” americans like to drive. Nav system no good when it tells you to turn a few hundred feet past the turn in. I won’t even mention that I take the same way home every day and the Nav system will take me a different way 3 times a week (no traffic subscription, just nav). I’d trust a iPhone before the VW system. So, for 60 bucks, this has to be much better LOL.