Magellan 5" GPS + Dashcam with Lifetime Maps

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Of course, if you have a SmartPhone and use Google Maps…
Google Maps - Download areas and navigate offline

This is still useful when you get to a place without cellphone coverage, like some national parks.
One question, can you download other countries’ maps for free as well?

Does this one show direction of travel rather than north at the top all the time?


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Right but this also has a dashcam built in.

I’d be all over a dash unit that only ran Waze. Phone GPS is excellent, but recently bought a car without GPS assuming I wouldn’t miss it since I use my phone. In retrospect, I’d prefer a dash unit, but am spoiled by Waze and their amazing user-powered platform. I’ll stick with the phone for now, thanks.

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I had the same issue but then I figured out they changed the method of downloading maps. Instead of using their roadmate program it’s now SmartGPS Eco. That works just fine, even on my 10 year old unit. Hope this helps.

Yes all Magellan GPS show travel direction not true north. I’ve had 3 over the last 10 years and they all do travel direction or true north.

Good price, I paid $69.99 for the same unit about a month back on another daily sale site.

On the flip side, I have two Magellans, both of which are over five years old. I update my maps for free several times a year. Never an issue and great customer service.

Like some others, I’m fine with my phone and Waze (until I get a call), except for the dashcam bit. Yes, my phone has a camera, but my experience with using it as a dashcam has been spotty. Phone holder gets in the way, etc. So does the dashcam in this GPS run continuously in a loop? Does it use microSD? How large can it take?

purchased 2 of these units and tried to do mapupdates on them both and no luck has no space for updates… got support they were NOT helpful they had me delete the maps folders on them and then try map updates and then still not enough space on them for updates then had 2 usless units had to RMA them and they sent two more but still will not do map updates for maps are larger than their unit will allow so good thing all I really wanted them for was the dash cam for the most part.

They have now added two more states that are now covered by this GPS! The state of Subriety and the state of Confusion. They transfer to any country in the world.

I believe you will have to purchase the maps for other countries.

Cellphones still have GPS ability without cell service. They will still navigate. I use MapFactor all the time. But I still have (and use) my car’s nav system all the time. Not sure if they have it for IOS but you can download (free) maps for the states you travel and you are good to go.

I think the fine print on things like this says you get free updates as long as they continue to update/support that particular model.

Anyone can comment on the speed warning function?

Does anyone know if this deal includes the back-up camera?