Magellan 7" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic

Magellan 7" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’m happy with Magellan products, including the much less expensive 3030LM I got in an earlier Woot. Works well in the U.S. and Canada and is easy to update as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Time to check out the product page

I followed the instructions exactly and bricked it. It was over a year old and they wouldn’t warranty it even though it is their update that ruined it. A Google search showed I’m not alone. I waited a few months, created a new account, and then I went to their website and chatted with a rep. I never lied about when I bought it. Because of the new account, they assumed I just bought it and sent a replacement! Do yourself a favor and copy all of the data before an update so if it goes bad you can restore it.

I don’t know if the os on this is the same as my 3030LM, but if you press the ETA time, a window slides up with a lot of interesting data, such as altitude, and speed. A couple of my vehicles show 70 mph when I’m really going 68 and I’ve verified this with the GPS and roadside radar signs. I would think with a 7 inch screen you should be able to have a setting to have that data stay on screen or not. On mine it autohides after couple seconds.

Just wanted to confirm for everyone that the device is not stretched as the photo indicates :slight_smile:

Reviews over at Costco

I appreciate your username.

Does this unit charge in the car through the USB port or is there a roundish charging port? I’ve had 2 earlier models in this line. In both cases the charger connection loosened to the point that the unit would not longer receive power in the car. I’m assuming that charging via USB would eliminate the problem. I greatly liked the units, otherwise.

Had the same problem. Just stick a toothpick beside it as you put it in the plug and it will stay tight.

Fry’s is selling the same unit for $24.99, store pick up only. Not sure the info is up to date.

I have a Magellan with lifetime updates. However, they no longer support it so the lifetime update is useless. Unit works fine but without updates it is pretty much junk now.

Magellan never stands behind their product warranty. Bought this unit, and it never ran more than an hour without locking up, returned it, same problem, returned it, with again the same problem. Ask for a refund/return…at 6 moths would not allow a return. Ask for President’s name and they was refused to give it out. Did find out it is a Chinese ran company. I have 8 GPS units for business and none will ever carry a Magellan name.

Magellan was a US company founded in 1986. I believe the company was somehow “connected” to the early microwave technology companies such as Motorola, MA/COM and etc. Magellan was brought out by MiTAC, a large Taiwanese semi/computer company. Today MiTAC owns Mio, Navman, Tyan, and Magellan brands.


Nowhere to be found.

I bought the smaller Magellan wish I held out for the larger screen. But that aside I am very happy with its performance.

This helps remove the stress of going to a new location for the first time.

Nothing like having sudden severe weather conditions (heavy fog, snow, rain) suddenly removing the ability to see reference land marks.

My opinion: Don’t go any place with out something like this as a back up.

I bought this for my husband for a Christmas gift last year. This was our first Magellan purchase after buying 3 prior GPS units (2 Tom-toms and 1 Garmin)from Woot with great results so decided to give this a try. After 7 months of calls, emails, website visits and frustration, we have still not been able to get it to work nor get a new device from Magellan. The Content Manager, after one connect that wiped out all data in the device, does not recognize the unit is plugged in so won’t download. Tech support cannot seem to help and keeps advising they are sending information to return the unit for a new device but instead keeps sending info on how to purchase a new device at a discount. Have always heard good things about Magellan but next time I will invest in a paper folding map - more useful and economical and less frustrating. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any success in getting it resolved? Tips and tricks?