Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch

Will this version work as a golf yardage display?

When combined with a compatible golf app, it looks like it.

No Android support yet? GRRRRR… PASS


You need to have your phone with your or the watch is limited to be just time and stopwatch.

Does it work with the iPhone 6? The description only shows it to work on iPhones up to 5s…

Yes, it will work with iPhone 6/6s and 6+/6s+

A real disappointment, falls short on several levels. Wanted to use this, knowing full well it pairs with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5), so I do know that it’s not a replacement. Thought I would use it to control Map My Run, as well as my music library on the phone through my Bluetooth headphones, and to easily see yardage info without always pulling out my golf range finder. Well, I have yet to find a music app that will work with this, and the golf app that is referenced ONLY works if I upgrade for $10 a month to the premium version. Not how I expected this to work. If I can only pair with subscription apps, I should have just gone to a high end appliance from Garmin or somebody like them. Worst is that the Help screen on the Magellan app goes to a dead link, I can’t find the right one on their website, and no reply yet from customer service, so I’m pretty much dead in the water.