Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator




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Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator
$94.99+ $5 shipping

1 Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator


BizRate’s start at $119… from 18 stores… decent.

Shopzilla’s start at $119… from 51 stores… amazing.

Nextag’s start at $119… from 13 stores… weak.

MSN’s start at $115… but they don’t have it all listed in one place… annoying.

…and CNet doesn’t have a rating on this mug yet. so you can decide on your own.

p.s. my lasted cool thing i found on a comparison site is BizRate’s Beat The Heat Guide… good idea… cuz its sooo dang hot. Yowzah!


Here’s a great 3D Demo from the Magellan website.

Here’s a real in-depth review.


Some Pricing Links …to explore $120.00

Froogle $115. $120.61
…all before shipping and tax

Woot beats all!



Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator $115


anyone have experience with using this in a car as a gps street navigator?


good price $115


any good? i have never seen a gps this cheap.


If you want mobile navigation, go Garmin. They are the leader by years over Magelan and everyone else.

Nite Nite Wooters


I have an older magellan Sport Track Pro and love it.


A geocacher’s delight! I’m in there!


Woot, I thought you loved me?
If you are going to offer something that others already are offering then make it worth the while. I found this all over the web averaging $5.00 cheaper and some with free shipping.
I want to see a kick ass iPod 6ogb video, etc for around $195 THEN you will be back in my good graces.

King James


Looks like it… and here I was excited about a possible woot-off! I think before was another model or something… I seem to recall a wide handheld model with buttons on both sides? I’m going to pass on it, and probably get to sleep.


Does this Navigator work OUTSIDE the United States???


My girlfriend gave me one for Christmas, and I’ve used it around the world. The maps are pretty good for NA - not something you’d want to use for driving, but useful nonetheless. In New Zealand, it had one city marked and a decent coastline of the country. It’s pretty accurate and a good deal. Oh, my favorite use for it was skiing with it in my hands to figure out how fast we were going - 55 mph, baby. =)


You had me at “GPS”…You lost me at “Magellan”.

I want to buy a GPS. But, I want something like the Garmin 76CSx or 60CSx…Hook us up with a kick-ass GPS, Woot! :slight_smile:


This was part of June 8th Woot Off… $99 then


I really like this little unit, which I bought during the last Woot-Off. I own several GPS receivers and, while I’m still a Garmin fan and know my eTrex Legend very well, I find myself grabbing this little guy for taking on walks, geocaching, and navigating the lake on a boat. It’s small, light and works VERY well, including the magnetic compass and barometer.