Magellan GPS

Magellan RoadMate 5270T-LMB 5" GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps, Traffic

Horrendous reviews at the mother ship

Reviews at Amazon

Ouch, yes. Not good.

I think these stand alone GPS units do still have something to offer, even in a world where everyone’s phone does a similar job.

Not relying on a phone signal is an incredible plus.
Not having to have a car mount for the phone… Huge plus.

If they could just get them to function speedily. They’re all so damn slow to navigate their own maps and reconnect.

I like the new Garmin though. As well as lifetime maps, it has a feature where you can actually hear it signing it’s own death warrant.

Got the 310 from amazon. Works great. But I lost it somewhere in the house and can’t find it.

With phones and cars having nav abilities, yeah, I’m sure these things are going to dry up in the next few years. I do have a Garmin in my Jeep, and I have a TomTom as a backup but the minivan and VW both have navigation. HOWEVER!, I have found time and time again, the stick on the window units are much better (quicker and better at directions) then the built in units.

For those not having a cell signal, but have a cell phone, even their old one laying around. Check into the OpenGPS project. There’s 100’s of free (and nearly free) apps available for both IOS and Android that use the OpenGPS maps. No cell signal required. Just download it all via wifi (or whatever) to your device, download the states or countries you want, and then enjoy complete, updatable, offline maps that are way more customizable and usable than these types of stand alone systems. No car mount? There’s only a bazillion on any online retailer for a few bucks.

I have one of the mapping apps, and all the states I frequent, downloaded to my regular phone. So if I am ever out of data range and google maps / Waze just aren’t able to work, I can just fire up the openGPS based app and its all there, no signal required.

Why don’t I use the offline maps all the time? Lets face it… Google maps is still the king (or Waze).

Awesome tip. Thank you.
I had no idea this existed.

Is there any one app that seems to stand out for open gps?
As you say. There’s a lot of them.

I’m late on this, but this is the crappiest GPS I have ever used. Go with a Garmin. The Magellan screen doesn’t always register your touches, which is a problem when you are violating the promise not to use it while the vehicle is in motion, and it forces you to choose only the street names it suggests. You can’t just do a general search. And it doesn’t find a lot of points of interest that you know exist. And it doesn’t seem to hold a battery charge. This thing sucks.