Magellan Mivue 1080p HD Dash Camera - Your Choice

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Magellan Mivue 1080p HD Dash Camera - Your Choice
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How’s it get power? Cigarette lighter? If so how long is the cable?

Here is the owner’s manual for the smaller model:

Looks like it plugs into the cigarette lighter, but I couldn’t find the length of the cord. The description also says there are batteries, which I assume are for when the car is off.

From the item description: Battery Type Lithium-ion rechargeable

Here’s the manual for the 420 model:

I cannot find anything regarding specifications for video storage time. Anyone help?

It says that it starts recording at the moment of impact, what about the 60 seconds before the accident? Does it record those as well?

It is always recording. The G-sensor tells it that around a certain event to lock the recorded video so that portion is not overwritten when the space in the card runs out.

“You can record over 21 hours of video when using a 128GB card.”

Realize this is fairly inexpensive so it’s not going to have too many bells and whistles, BUT, does anyone have any feedback on if this is worthwhile? For the price…

Great product for the price being that they are very high-end units selling for over $169.99 on Magellan’s site. (High Resolution Recording, Impact Recording, Parking Mode Motion Detection, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Cruise Speed Alarm, 128GB microSD Compatible, & Rotating Camera)

The “image” shown on the screen in all the literature for these shows a standard field of view, not the 140 degree fisheye-like view you actually get. Kinda stupid…

That said, I found pics of the actual FOV and it is what I would expect. Probably gonna score one of them.

For the 420, this review puts the extras as a let down.


It does appears that they can be disabled at least.

ETA: In for one anyway. My G1W-C is on the fritz.

i have a cheap dash cam that works pretty well . Is this worth the price… I see it is 75 percent off
I would guess it has to stay plugged in … I don’t like the wire hanging down

Yes to cigarette lighter.

Found the cable lengths:

• MV420 = 137”
• MV538= 138”

I have a dash cam installed in my vehicle. I like the idea of having a record of what happened just in case I need it. I’ve had several different models, but there are two important points to consider when purchasing a dash cam of any quality. They are:

  1. It has an operating temperature range of at least 140F. Since these things are typically mounted in the direct sunlight, being able to take the heat is important - and something folks don’t immediately consider. Every one I’ve owned before has died because of the heat, but so far the one I have now (with a 140F rating) seems to be holding up well in the Central Florida sunshine.

  2. I don’t like a suction cup mount. Not only can they not handle the heat over the long term, but the camera generally hangs down too low. I much prefer an adhesive mount that keeps the camera body tucked up behind the black trim near the rearview mirror making it more difficult to see from the outside.

Just my two cents worth.

Anytime you can beat Amazon Prime on price by 100%, it’s a great deal. Even with tax and shipping, I still scored a great Magellan MiVue 420 for half of what I would have paid on Amazon Prime!

The Impact recording and parking mode are key features for me, having been a past victim of another car backing into mine in a parking lot. I have been wanting to buy a Magellan MiVue for over a year just for this feature, but could never find a decent price until now.

I have been using the Mivue 420 for a day now. On the contrary it does have the bells and whistles at an amazing price to boot. I could not be happier. Comes with an 8GB microSD so you can start using it right out of the box. I plan to upgrade to the 128GB as soon as I track down a deal on that as well.

Will the 538 actually take a memory card bigger that 32 Gb?