Magellan Mivue 1080p HD Dash Camera - Your Choice

Bought this after seeing videos online of crashes as a precaution. The video quality is excellent. Great camera for the price.

This camera has one major design flaw. If there is an impact and the camera saves the clip, or you initiate the save, the camera only saves from that exact moment onward. Most cams will save clips before and after an impact so you can see what led up to the accident. All you will see with the camera is the exact moment of impact. Not what led up to it.

Also for 1080p it does not seem that clear. When uploaded to a laptop license plate are legible but just barely.

Magellan was of no help either. I asked if there was an update or setting to make it save a section before impact. All they said was to check their update page for a fix. There was no update or fix available.

wow thanks your comment helps a lot!

Mivue420 .

Woot : $70 + $5 shipping + $3.50 tax , round up to ~ $79 .

Amazon: $82 w free shipping , 2 days guarantee if you are Prime member.

Long time and big Woot supporter here but deals like these make it harder everyday.