Magellan Mivue 420 1080p HD Dash Camera

Got one of these in July. Thinking about getting another for our other car. Upgraded the SD to 128GB for $45

More than a comment I have a question, does this camera come with its windshield suction mount? Because in the prod decription it only says one camera.

I have one – yes, it comes with a suction mount and on that is a ball joint to adjust the angle.

I opted for a high endurance SD card instead of a regular card, which are not designed for continuous recording. Several manufacturers specifically have exclusions in their warranty terms if they are used in dash or security cameras.

Anyone ever mounted one of these rear facing out the back window? I already have a decent forward looking device but wanted one for the rear too. However, the ones for rear facing, not the ones mounted outside, are normally 720p. I have no issues running the line overhead to the same lead as the forward looking device so it comes on every time I start the car or to be on continuous but didn’t find any video on youtube (quick search) for this option. Ideas?

Mine just arrived and I have yet to test it out, however I’m sad to say that I should have waited a week and ordered via Amazon prime! I would have saved the $5 shipping and Amazon’s price is now $59.99!

Some folks on dashcamtalk have done just that with other cameras. Two devices is bulkier, but if one goes, the other still records and rear view quality isn’t an afterthought like it is on some dual camera models.

Do disable all the extra features for the rear view, of course.

The $59.99 on Amazon is actually a third party seller.

I bought this a few months ago here at Woot as my old GW-1C became very unreliable. Good quality and the Magellan Manager is much easier to use than the trial-and-error of picking 3-minute recordings from the old camera.

Do get a high endurance card for this. Regular micro SD cards are not designed for the constant recording dash cams do.